Why we should open our eyes and believe in our Angels

The importance of believing in Angels.

What if this society was just an illusion, made to create fear and negativity and to blind people from truth that our world still can be a world of love and peace? From an angels point of an angel, this way of life can be made perfect by just looking to find love in every situation. Today, there is constant fear being placed upon people by making people feel the need to conform to every day living that which society teaches us to be, we are constantly told to live by the laws of the land, to make our journey to work and leave no time to relax. We are taught to struggle, life is hard and every day living is a gimick to make you feel under pressure,sad and unavailable to recieve love, forgiveness and abundance to name a few.

From the moment we are born we are taught the way our forefathers have handed it down to us, we are told to live in a society which is non compliant to the rules of love. We are told we cannot feel the beauty of others only if it’s surface and not beauty from within, we are taught to judge harshly and follow suit. We are taught that life is hard and so get on with it, we are taught that we have to be serious to get by, because if you laugh it won’t last long. Society strips us of free will and it serves no purpose, except for the reason of living for money.

Does this make sense?

On the other hand, there is love a sensation that few only sample for a few moments or a few years, we fear it will never last, we are stripped bear to the notion that disbelief wrecks lives. Love is the secret of all things, from the moment you wake up, love is what dwells within us, love is what the energy we use to keep us alive. Most of us never believe in love because it’s been told that it is something that we know little of.  Then we are introduced to our Angels, they are the powers behind the curtain of the illusion which is being disolved as we speak. At spiritual horizons we were entrusted to extend the love that we were taught and send it onwards to each of you, just like beacon of light.

Our Angels are eager to teach you about what love really is, what it can do for you, who is love and how love can change your love around. See Angels as extended arms from your creator which reach down to each one of you, young or old and makes peace with who you are.  Through angel lessons which are socratic in nature, step by step in ruling and nurtured by a graceful achievement, they will teach you the fundamentals of leaving the unwanted behind. Become sacred from a heavens view, you are needed and very much qualified in teaching others about love, you are strong, you are radiant and yet you doubt where you come from. From here within lies a quarry of such depth of love and nourishment for you to begin with you are with me. An ever lasting unfoldment of love reaches down to each of you, and we carry you through the most diminshed times as we speak.

Our Angels are here to help you lose the grip of a negative society and to loosen the hold from the weights and pressures of life, we need you to invite us in. We choose to help you because you believe in making a change for life, you believe in helping others and making the world that better place of being.

Angels charge you to stand up for what you believe in, what you love and who you want to be, yet you are controlled by the negative beliefs which are entrained in you since being brought up in the hardness of this chosen society. Take a break and bubble a bath. This journey is over as we speak, the mayham the range of guns, war and hatred is strive, but heaven battles to save you. Put down your guns young ones, and choose a life of peace, allow your angels to nourish you in love and dwell within the secret story of your heart. Believe in love and request the help of your angels to allow abundance to flow through your banks, your life and your home.You are allowed to feel better, live better and avoid negativity at all costs.

This is how you do it.

Pray for what you want, don’t need but request as though your request has been given.

Give to others as your angels have given to you, but don’t worship them.

Believe in freedom, you can do what you like, how you like it as long as it done in love.

Serve others and make light conversation, ignore nay sayers, ask the angels to rid you from fear and most of all learn to love you.

You are allowed to feel good within yourself. You are allowed the goodness of spirit to speak your truth.

Run from office gossip, ignore guilt trips and forgive yourself and others. The Angels delight in this and it is the fundamentals of living.

Be rich my friend, learn to love, be open to recieving love and provide mercy to those who propell you from the truth.

Ask your angels to come in and support you with fight against the bitter darkness of fear, self pity, negativity, guilt, unforgiveness, lies.

Invite them from your heart there are our true families, turn to them for support and allow your self to recieve most of all love.

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