The Successful Category Manager

Category management is the method of systematically breaking down a range of products into their specific product categories. These categories enable products to be easily identifiable and substitutable.

There are several procedures to follow in determining the category of a product. This includes definition of the category and its role to the retailer, including the assessment of the current performance of the product. This enables consumers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to track the marketing capability of a product including sales and merchandising.

Category management also has several purposes, one of which includes ensuring the profitability of a product which benefits not only the distributors but also the retailers. However, the government believes the collaboration between suppliers and retailers may result to fixing prices for products. This can affect the cost of other merchandise out on the market, not to mention its significant impact to the buyers and consumers.

Due to the advent of this kind of marketing, more and more people are getting convinced to apply for category management jobs. A good applicant must have emotional intelligence as well as mathematical abilities to be able to land great deals. The key is to be convincing and believable at the same time. This helps product manufacturers to prevent other product categories to dominate the market and prevent the company from acquiring a good amount of profit.

Applicants who do not possess good communication skills often find it hard to land category manager jobs. It is important to be vocal and outgoing to be able to become a good category manager. Otherwise, landing a deal would be fairly difficult and even impossible. People who have the power of persuasion can also be good candidates for the job. They can negotiate flawlessly through persuasion which can eventually land them deals that work both for the client and the dealer.

Category management jobs are very dynamic occupations. They require the employees to be able to blend and change with the company’s growth and demands.  If not, it would be difficult to move along with the fast changing environment and deliver well according to the expectations of the job.