The Law of Attraction Master

In the movie “The Secret”, there are many Law of Attraction experts. However, I get asked this question all the time: “Who is the Law of Attraction Master”? Out of all those mentors, who seems to be the absolute best? Since we judge athletes, movie stars and professionals from all other aspects of life, I think it is fair to bring the question of who is the Law of Attraction master.

My vote goes to Bob Proctor.

The man is in his seventies, and he looks like he has enough energy to run a marathon.

Bob is the Law of Attraction master for three reasons in my mind: 1. Incredible results he has created through his wide array of coaching programs. 2. Other Law of Attraction mentors actually learned from Bob Proctor, and 3. He projects himself unlike anybody I’ve ever seen.

Bob Proctor has been turning ordinary people just like you into millionaires like it’s going out of style. There is no other single success coach, which can say this. Not all of the mentors can take an ordinary person and turn them into a millionaire. Bob GUARANTEES this. This makes him a Law of Attraction master.

The next thing that makes Bob a Law of Attraction master is the fact that many of the other Law of Attraction mentors were taught by Bob Proctor. If a man can teach other human beings the Law of Attraction to such an effective extent that they can call themselves experts at it, then the man is doing something right.

Finally, and most importantly, the way Bob Proctor projects himself makes him stand far apart from the rest of the Pack. If you’ve watched the movie The Secret, or any of his videos on Youtube, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The man gives you a vibe that he can create absolutely anything, at any moment, using the power of his mind. His confidence is outrageous. “If you see it in here, you’ll hold it in here”. “It works every time, for every single person”. Those are my favorite quotes by Bob Proctor. In my opinion, nobody expresses the Law of Attraction more confidently then the way Bob does as exemplified with these two quotes. In my opinion, this makes Bob Proctor a Law of Attraction Master.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the other Law of Attraction experts are bad, or don’t have the ability to create. They most certainly do. However, for interest’s sake, who is the best one? To me, the answer is Bob Proctor. His results with students is phenomenal, he has coached other Law of Attraction experts, and has the most confident vibe out of anyone I have seen. To me, this is why Bob Proctor is the Law of Attraction master.