Suction Machine – At a Glance

Suction Machine, as the name suggests is a device that drains a fluid or gas between two regions having differential pressures. Any liquid has the tendency to move to a region of low pressure. This law forms the base for a suction machine to work. A suction machine creates a partial vacuum and draws the fluid or gas to this region of partial vacuum.

A very typical example for suction machine is the centrifugal pumps that we use in our daily life. A Pump has an inlet which forms the low pressure suction side, and an outlet which discharges the fluid.

Suction machines have different applications based on usage.

Our Today’s Focus is in the area of medicine: Suction machines have great usage in this area.

A medical suction machine is a device that is used to remove unwanted fluids such as mucus, from the body of the patient. It creates a partial vacuum in the required area of the body and drains out the fluid. The setup is an electrical unit which majorly contains a vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, filter and a suction nozzle. The vacuum pump creates the required partial vacuum for suction to take place, vacuum gauge for controlling the vacuum, while filter takes care of protecting from bacteria or other materials to get into the fluid, and suction nozzle is used for sucking the fluid from the body. This can work either on AC or DC or from a battery. Suction machines are of various kinds based on the purpose of usage.

Suction machine is a very important tool in a medical kit. The Suction machines are mostly used to clear airways of materials that obstruct breathing or those causing infections. It can be used to remove fluids from stomach, known as gastric suction. It can be used to remove clots from brain. It also helps in surgical operations and for various other purposes.

Major manufacturers of suction machine include Supreme Enterprises, Uttar Pradesh, India. Some of their product ranges dealing with suction machines are ABS Suction Machine, SS Suction Machine, SS Top Suction Machine, Electric cum foot, Ward Care Suction, Liposuction Machine, High Vacuum Suction, MTP Suction Machines, High-Flow Suction, High-Speed Suction, Surgical Suction Machine, Portable Suction Machine, Battery Suction Machine, AC/DC Suction Machine, Manual Suction Machine and other suction machine accessories including Silicone Cup, Safety Jars, Suction Cannula, Silicon PVC Tube, Foot Switch.

ABS Suction Machine is one of the majorly used electric suction machines. This is ideal for hospital and major operation theatres. ABS Suction Machine is manufactured in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (plastic) housings to help in portability. The pump used is Oil Free Double piston Pump. It uses a 76mm calibrated vacuum gauge to control the vacuum. ABS Suction Machine is also got ISI & CE Marked, ISO: 13485, WHO-GMP Certification.