Steps to Take After Your Loved is Put Behind Bars

Loved One Just Arrested?

If you have a loved one or friend who was just arrested and placed behind bars to await a trial, then you’re likely extremely stressed and heartbroken. Whether or not you believe that they are guilty of the crime they were arrested for, you likely still feel a desire to help them. Everyone deserves their best chance at a good defense. To ensure that your loved one receives the chance they need in court, you should consider these initials steps to take after your loved one has been arrested.

Bail Bond

Although your loved one was arrested, you are usually able to post bail. This is a promise that your loved one will show up to the trial at the scheduled hour. It also allows them to wait outside of jail in the comfort of their own home. Sometimes, a judge can post a ridiculously high amount for bail. In this case, you can receive a sort of loan for bail known as a bail bond. You pay back this bond over time, but you receive the money immediately to pay the court the desired bail amount. Finding a credible bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado is important to ensure that you’re not being scammed.


With your loved one out of jail, for the time being, you can then focus on the next stage. You need to hire an attorney. While courts will provide a defense attorney free if you are unable to hire your own, they are usually overbooked and overworked. Your loved one may not be at the forefront of their mind. Because of this, hiring your own lawyer is the best option. They can examine your loved one’s case and use their experience to give your loved one the best defense possible.

Having your partner or friend arrested is a scary and stressful time. These two steps can help your loved one prepare for trial.