Steps to Take After Personal Injury

Life happens and sometimes that means the unexpected. If you have been a victim of personal injury, Barney Injury Law in Virginia Beach can assist you or your loved ones with these types of ordeals. It can be overwhelming and difficult during this stressful time, but if you or your family have experienced personal injuries, there are steps you can take to make sure there is a positive outcome.

What is Personal Injury?

First and foremost, it is ideal to understand what personal injury actually is so you can be fully aware of your options. Legally, personal injury refers to damage to either the mind, emotions, or body as inflicted by another. However, it does not affect any damage to properties, only to yourself.

Lawsuits for these types of cases can be brought upon due to gross negligence, car accidents, intentional misconduct, or even reckless conduct.

To read more on the what defines personal injury, take a look below.

If you or a loved one has had the misfortune to experience a personal injury, there are some vital steps to take to ensure that everything is taken care of.

The first step you should take is to alert the authorities. This way, there is an official report with the details of what transpired from all parties. Not to mention, if there is a serious injury, alerting the authorities will ensure that the proper medical attention is sought out. If you are not immediately seriously injured but start to experience symptoms after the incident, you should still seek out medical attention.

Not only will this help your overall health, it will help to strengthen your claim and case. Keep detailed notes on all the names and addresses of which doctors or medical practitioners you see. This is helpful for insurance reimbursement as well as your claim. It is also beneficial to keep your receipts from any medical attention, prescriptions, or purchases (such as wheelchair, crutches, etc..) to help your case and make sure you are reimbursed for these unexpected costs with the lawsuit. For more information in regards to medical attention for personal injury, click here.

When you speak to the authorities, it is vital that you do not accept or pass blame. Please keep in mind that when you are making a report, just remain calm and honest to describe what happened in a neutral way. It can be difficult to keep your emotions under control during a stressful event such as personal injury, but it can prevent confusion and further difficulty in the future of the case.

Another important aspect of the report and the case itself is any video or photograph evidence. If you are capable of taking clear video or pictures of the scene, your injury, or any other helpful evidence, be sure to do so. It is also helpful to have printed copies or more than one copy of any video or photo evidence in the chance that something is lost or damaged. Remember, personal injury cases do take time so the better prepared you are the more positive the outcome can be for you and your family.

Once the actual incident itself is over, if you have continued medical needs there are a few more things to keep in mind. It is helpful to keep a journal about your injury. When you are quite specific about every detail, how you feel, what level of pain you are in, what you are experiencing, any inconveniences you are going through, it can strengthen your case.

Be sure to also file and keep record of any and every type of correspondence you may have with medical professionals while they are treating your injuries. This can range from phone calls, appointments, emails, or letters you may receive.

Make sure that you also keep every medical billing and any other receipts. This cannot be stressed enough.

You may also keep record of any travel expenses you may have. These records could include petrol, hotel stay, or bus fare – whatever you need to get to your medical appointments.

If you end up missing work due to this unexpected stick in the spokes, you need to also keep a record of missed wages and opportunities. By opportunities, it could be any work related training, or even a promotion, or interview.

Witnesses to the ordeal are vital to any claim. If you know there was a witness, be sure to obtain their name, address, and phone number for your representation to contact them in regards to what they saw, heard, remember, etc. for your case.

While it may seem like a lot to do, if you have personal injury, take care of yourself and the future of your case by having the best evidence as possible. Being open, honest, and due diligent you can only help yourself and your case to receive the best outcome possible.