Rite of passage, Baccalaureate to Graduation day

Society and culture are never static as they are of dynamic nature; they tend to change with the frame of time. It’s the universal phenomena that culture and society changes with the effects of modernization. Retrospection our education gaining methodology, we can see variety of approaches and fashions. In East Asia, education was the pure form of gaining spiritual enlightenment throwing out the impure thoughts out of your life however with time passing forward ideal practice was replace by nature and science.

The same case applies to what we call in modern time a “graduation day”. Probably, most of the people know that rite of passage was earlier form of graduation day which later transform in to Baccalaureate and now a graduation day. A graduation is also called a commencement day, convocation day or invocation day.  

As we talk more of rite of passage, this ritual does not coherent to modern methodology. Rite of passage which includes three important parts separation, transition and reincorporation was witnessed in early Buddhist mythology and specifically in Hindu mythology and Grantha. In earlier days; people used get separated from their family  and live with their Gurus (teachers) in Vidhya Ashram or Gurukul (school), far from people, in a complete isolation. And in complete acquisition of knowledge and transition in spiritual awakening, they return to their normal life to socialize with others.  This same rite of passage method was also practiced in European countries and was conceive by Arnold Van Gennp. This ritual is still found in some of the tribal groups.

Baccalaureate was first reported to be held in Oxford University in 1432 where they have to give a sermon in Latin language as part of their education exercise and the ritual is still continuing in Britain and few of the universities in USA with religious prospective, addressing farewell to all graduates. Back then, Students were in gowns and a hood which represents superiority and sound of greater knowledge (influence from Celtic priest), students were seen holding their sheepskin folding degrees with ribbon on it.

From rite of passage, Baccalaureate to now Graduation day things has changes in huge aspects. Graduation day is now a celebration day where it creates festive mood for all students. With gowns, caps or hoods (borrowed from Baccalaureate tradition), students are seen partying and enjoying in hotels and clubs and tossing their hats off. Though, graduation day gives us a reason to celebrate, there are also the case of huge fatal tragic car crash. Due to the drinking and driving many students have met their tragic fate.

Here in Chicago lots of graduates are seen in Chicago limousine celebrating their graduation days. Limousine companies are prone to provide a reliable and limousines service. Instead of drinking and driving yourself, lots of graduates in Chicago hire a limousine where they will be chauffeured by professional chauffeur wherever they want to go. Make your graduation day special with much joy and celebration to bring positive changes in your life. Let that graduation bring that inspiration to boost your potential.  Enjoy each moments of your graduation but care to stay safe for your new beginning. As Orrin Hatch said Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.