The History of Sun Tanning and Skincare

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As far back as recorded history man has had this unusual, special and reverent respect for the environment, especially the sun. This can be seen in primitive societies where people even worshipped it because doing so could warm their souls and also gave them a full harvest. During modern times, people revere it because it makes them feel better. It also provides needed energy and is important for mental and physical operations.

However, what is undeniably obvious with society today is the love for sun tanning. Although this kind of activity hasn’t always been historically popular, it has constantly been a very common practice, even amongst people of different cultures. If you’re curious about the history of sun tanning, read on and learn how people started this kind of obsession with golden brown skin.

It’s All About The Skin

So, what exactly is it about having bronzed skin that pushes you and many other people to sit under the sun for long hours? Both women and men have been on the pursuit for darker skin for years now; however, the days of this well loved activity actually go back further in time than anyone probably realized.

It is definite that civilization today is not the first to take advantage of the rays that the sun gives off, nor is it the first to present a love of showing off golden-brown skin.

Worshipping the sun has been a practice ever since the time of the Sumerians, Romans and Greeks. Although it could be quite arguable and hard to pin point which of them were the ones who started this fad and when it really started, most books that you read would tell you just the same.

The Sun God And His So-Called Wonders

It was believed that the Roman Mythology’s god of the sun is Helios, which is where “heliotherapy” was coined. This activity is a therapeutic exposure to the sun and a term that is widely used today. Ancient civilization used to engage in tanning because they believed it made them more attractive. It’s also said that people who engaged in it felt healthier than before. Hence, they praised the sun because it has the ability to “cure” various illnesses at that time.

It’s A Cycle

The popularity of tanning is considered to be a cycle. There was a period in time in which having bronze skin was not a status symbol. The popularity of having pale looking skin hit the market for some time, but, just like other trends, having tanned skin came back and remains until now.

The Downfall Of Sunbathing

The point in time when having brown skin had a decline is when having a paler skin became a status symbol. This is because most royal blood in various civilizations avoided the sun and enjoyed having paler skin. Having colored skin on the other hand became a status that was associated with slaves or other lower class people. Hence, as the 10th century came, people, especially women, …

Rights When Arrested: Know Your Rights

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Getting arrested can be a life-changing experience and getting through the bail bonds process is only a start—once you get released, there are many responsibilities you will have to deal with your legal issues and recapture control of your life. 

Along the way, there are many processes and some bureaucracy you’ll have to get through in order to get back on your feet. Many of these processes, however, are actually in place to protect your inalienable rights as an American citizen. 

Here is a list of a few of your inherent rights that can help you deal with the overall process.

The Right to Fair Bail

The very purpose of bail bonds in America is to allow the release of prisoners who may not be guilty.  Trials are lengthy and can take months to actually occur in a court of law.  In order to prevent the loss of employment or neglect of family responsibilities, bail exists to allow all arrested citizens to tend to their personal business and adequately prepare for their trial. Plus, this prevents the overcrowding of county jails.

A bail bonds company will alleviate this process by covering your entire bail amount.  Ensure your financial responsibilities are minimized by appearing to all court dates after you have paid your bail bondsman their 10% fee.

The Right To Know Your Charges

It’s against the law for authorities to hold American citizens without a legitimate legal reason.  This is simply a basic constitutional right guaranteed to all citizens. You should have what you are charged with in writing, together with your documentation related to assigned court dates or appearances before a judge.

The Right To an Attorney

We all know the “you have the right to remain silent…” line made famous by TV cop dramas, but a key phrase in that spiel includes the right to an attorney.  While you may benefit more from hiring an attorney, not everyone has the means to do so.  If you’ve spent most or all of your available funds on your bail bonds company, you can get an attorney appointed to you for free in the form of a public defender.

The Right to Due Process

Be sure you are presented with all proper documentation related to your charges and that you have all your scheduled court appearances in writing.  As long as you attend your court dates, you will be given a fair trial and due process of law.  If you skip multiple court dates, you will not be refunded your bail cost, you will be seen as a fugitive, and the bail bondsman may send a bail enforcement agent out to track you down and return you to custody.  This is why it is crucial to attend all court dates.…

EEOC Regulation Compliance

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A growing issue facing employers of all sizes these days is Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulation compliance during the recruiting and hiring process. A problem not limited to large corporations or federal contracts, hiring discrimination is a major issue. In fact, in 2009, the EEOC received over 95,000 complaints citing job bias in the private sector. Charges based on religion, disability even national origin illustrate the importance of using job recruitment software with compliance features built in to ensure that your business doesn’t end up spending time and money it doesn‘t have.  

Companies who choose not to take advantage of these tools face risks. Remember, ignorance is not a defense to the law and bad hiring practices can significantly damage a businesses reputation or worse, lead to costly litigation over wrongful discrimination. Make certain to protect your business by securing job recruitment software that helps you maintain EEOC regulation compliance. 

Using Job Recruitment Software: How it Works 

Most job recruitment software programs come with built in features for ensuring OFCCP and EEOC regulation compliance. Compliance tools ensure that the right information gets collected, stored and tracked. Software is generally easy to integrate into your day-to-day business operations and is user-friendly. Typically, there is little to no customization necessary, and minimal training, if any at all.  

To ensure EEOC regulation compliance, your company should be storing, tracking and analyzing hiring information with job recruitment software that can handle large amounts of data. Basically, there are four main tasks that your software should be able to handle: identify EEO information for every potential employee, capture reasons for non selection, analyze information in real time and create reports to be used for ensuring EEOC regulation compliance.  

In addition, minimum qualification questions and other tools help recruiters properly manage all of the important information. EEOC regulation compliance tools make the hiring process seamless, with critical information immediately available if need be.  Features like these make data collection easy for  human resources and recruiting departments, giving them more flexibility in terms of data management.  

The Impact of Social Media  

Many employers are using social media to gather information on potential employees, considering things like personal habits, likes and dislikes and general behavior as insight into employee behavior. In many cases, decisions regarding hiring are sometimes based on these perceptions. This is dangerous territory for employers, as personal information like pregnancy, the health of a child, etc. can negatively influence hiring decisions. While there are currently no regulations concerning the use of social media as a tool for hiring, it won’t be long before EEOC regulation compliance requires social media be excluded from consideration.  

Your business is important enough to protect. Even for a small company, tracking hiring information through job recruitment software has never been easier. These tools will help your company maintain EEOC regulation compliance, ensuring that you do not mistakenly exercise wrongful discrimination and face litigation.  Additionally, the right software program will provide you with the appropriate reports and logs necessary to …

Local Councils: A pivotal but disappointing role in Sierra Leone’s socio-political and economic development debate

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Local government structure in Sierra Leone essentially consists of a system of 19 elected councils, broken down into 5 city councils (Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Koidu-New Sembehun and Makeni); the municipality of Bonthe and 13 district councils consisting of the 12 districts   (Pujehun, Bo, Moyamba, Bonthe, Kenema, Kailahun, Kono, Tonkolili, Bombali, Port Loko, Kambia, Koinadugu) and the western area rural district.

While researching the role and effectiveness of these local councils since their reintroduction by the Tejan-Kabbah administration in 2004, I have been especially struck by the political power paradigm shift that has occurred in local government administration, development, financing and delivery of devolved services in Sierra Leone. For while there is understandably much emphasis on the central government’s role and responsibility for nationwide development, it is worth noting that enactment of the Local Government Act, 2004 largely subordinated the central government and Paramount Chiefs authority and powers to the supremacy of local councils for virtually all development activities in the relevant council localities.

In the case of paramount chiefs, their marginal role in the affairs of the council is reflected in their membership of the councils. The Local Government Act clearly stipulated the number of their membership in the various councils, as for example Pujehun district can only have 2 paramount chief representatives in the council and in the case of Bo district only 3 paramount chief members can be represented in the Bo district council.

It is thus the responsibility of the government, opposition political parties, civil society and especially the requisite local government entities to ensure that the decentralization model as enshrined in the constitution and laws of our country are upheld and not allowed to be subjugated to the centralized and non-representative system that operated during the Siaka Stevens era.

I am however especially concerned, as the local councils and the various majority political parties they represent, do not appear to be adequately cognizant of their legal and political supremacy role, especially in spearheading development and governance  within their various localities, and seem to be ceding to the central government and paramount chiefs , though unconstitutionally their powers. This brings to mind the recent Kenema City Council’s decision to terminate the services of the chief Administrator and the Procurement Officer and the apparent decision by the Vice-President, Chief Sam Sumana to inappropriately and unconstitutionally instruct the Resident Minister, East to have the Council reinstate the sacked council employees. Part V1 Section 32 (2) of the Local Government Act, 2004 clearly states that “…….a local council need not consult …in respect of the appointment of staff….”.

The office of the vice-president has no constitutional authority to supervise the local councils as erroneously asserted by Kenema district APC and PMDC party Chairmen in their protest letter of December 29, 2009. The appropriate constitutional body is the Local Government Service Commission, whose composition does not include the vice president, and whose members according to section 36(2) “shall be appointed by the President with the approval of Parliament”. It is my …

8 Reasons Why (n) Obama is a Socialist

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(n)Obama is a raving, race baiting populist. His record, statements, writings and church activities say so. The man is the most seriously under-qualified nominee for President in the entire history of the United States. Underachievers like Grover Cleveland or the abysmal Herbert Hoover look majestic when compared to the community organiser who believes there are 57 US states. The collective orgasmic expostulations around the little man with the big ears hides the relevant and important fact that (n)Obama is the worst possible leader imaginable – worse even than the stupidest man in US history, that obscene anti-semite dimwit Jimmy Carter. The Americans might as well elect Mickey Mouse to lead them than (n)Obama. At least Mickey is honest.

(n)Obama is a classic economic populist, cultural marxist and a raging ‘progressive’ liberal [an oxymoron with the emphasis on the moron]. Not only is (n)Obama the most left-wing Senator in the US Senate based on his voting record, but possesses the most radical ideas garnered from his supporters about redistribution, government’s role to ‘unite’ society, and genuflection to the global ‘community’ [whatever that means]. (n)Obama is simply the most dangerous demagogue to come forward in US politics since Huey Long.

Long was a nationalist-populist during a period of history when authoritarian rule was deemed ‘progressive’. So-called intellectuals supported the twin absurdities of corporate fascism and communism. State management was deemed moral, and community feeling and extremist nationalist ideology in which the individual was submerged into the whole was portrayed as necessary, spiritual and mandatory. Long’s program of populist race baiting; ecomomic management and the creation of ‘us versus them’ rhetoric was part of a troubled episode in which freedom and clear thinking were replaced by blind emotion and state created enthusiasm.

(n)Obama exhibits much of the same penchant for simplistic formulae, state organised parades and speeches; and ego-centricity as any tin horn dictator, populist or Roman senatorial demagogue. (n)Obama is just a pale version of what has long gone on in politics – the pandering to the populist mass by promising some set of nonsense to mask what is really at issue – the aggrandizement of state power. Ironicially the very lemmings and automata who support the little man with no experience, and who say that only they and he have the right ideas, programs and beliefs, are the same small people who cry about freedom, rights and individualism. Their statist program of course would result in the exact opposite of what they weep so emotionally about.

(n)Obama’s socialist agenda:

1. Taxes: The little Black messiah would enact the largest tax increase in US history. This would completely wipe out an already weak US economy and cause capital flight from the US, and from the US dollar, to overseas. There would truly be a deep and profound US economic recession.

2. Trade: Given that (n)Obama’s base are union and government workers, trade restrictions and an increase in barriers would be mandatory. Trade intra-NAFTA and with China would be put at risk. The …

new law questions and answers

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Cigarette ends, littering and Community Wardens.?
In my local authority area (Thanet), it seems that the job of fining people for flouting the new law on dropping cigarette ends in the street is falling to the local Community Wardens – what I want to know is, do these people have any powers of detainment and/or arrest.? If not, how.

Does anyone else think the new law in TN about beer is stupid?
Did you see this?! Now no matter how old you are to buy beer you will be carded! Your liscense scanned. But it doesn’t cover wine, etc. Now on the one hand if you’re going to enact a law like this you should cover all forms.

Florida’s new law on deadly force?
What are your views on this topic? Could you see yourself using this law? there seems to be heavy crime here in south florida; do you think this law will help deter some criminals and help regular citzens feel more empowered and safe. Would you ever consider carrying a legal concealed weapon? You.

Has a new law been passed regarding the refusal of mothers to honour contact orders..?
no its not legal at all. and in regards to the other persons answer( which didn’t even answer the question.) i think moms are alot sneaker then men because courts usualy give into single mother situations and they can get away with more.

Iam curious to know if the new smoking law has had any impact in the UK?
Hi Iam British but work and live most of the time in the middle east, we heard much hype up to the start of the new law but not much since. Has anybody had any experience of changes both good and bad I.

No smoking law UK?
The new law states.. That we are not allowed to smoke in enclosed public places but we are ok in un-enclosed places. I work for an NHS trust. The hospital leases the land of of the local council. That must mean that it is public land. The NHS is a public body. Does it not.

Pregnancy and safe sex protection for 12 year olds?
What do you think of the new law in South Africa to supply safe sex protection (condoms) and preganacy protection (like the pill and others) to kids from the age of 12 ‘without parental consent’ in all State Clinics? i do not think it should be allowed one way.

Should we have a new law banning things getting banned?
Yes!! I think that most people would behave in a decent and moral way whether or not there are laws there to dictate how we should behave, and people who behave immorally would probably do so whether or not these laws existed. I reckon that without all these.

So I am having a hard time finding access to this new law.?
Fundies are telling me that it is illegal or will be illegal to preach against homosexuality. I …

Surrogacy – Renting Wombs in India

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In a nation as culturally rich as India, where a man’s heritage is everything, would the idea of bringing up an offspring of a woman of some other caste or religion be tolerated? Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002, where renting of wombs or rather the artificial system for multiplication has been made legal. Not just is India booming industry for couples looking to adopt a tyke within the nations own territory, however it has become an international attraction for couples looking for a surrogate mother from abroad. All this is done at an exceptionally nominal cost, regarding India population and the paucity of income generating techniques. There are agencies and clinics that take care of the legal as well as medical complications that arise. The main issue arises with the fact of getting a passport for the tyke conceived in India becomes an issue, as the kid conceived in India will be an Indian subject: as it is stated in the Indian Constitution.

 Be that as it may, this has prompted a great deal vying by the medical clinics, wanting to get the business for themselves. The blend of legal environment and the cheap surrogates has prompted favorable conditions for international market to look towards India. Recently the indian lawyers forum report has stated why surrogacy should be legal and why it is required to be done. With an authority like the law firms in delhi supporting the surrogacy practice and with recent Supreme Court ruling in India, which is the most elevated court of authority in India whose choice cannot be overruled by any other court. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of surrogacy, in the 2008 Manji case. While this accommodates a safe passage for the general population who are tourists and have quite recently come to India for a surrogate mother to be a carrier to their family’s legacy. In any case, the point remains is India ready for the fact that today individuals will accept a youngster whose mother is structure another religion or another caste. Where at one point professions were settled on the basis of ones conception, can today a couple who cannot consider be ready to take the offspring of another woman who does not belong to their caste or religion. While, the legal circle has a tendency to think otherwise, today natives are no more judged on basis of castes or religions but instead part of one nation, and known as Indians.

 The Constitution of india has reached an end with individuals ready to give more importance to human life: the youngster. Then to age old custom, which did nothing yet segregate. Along these lines, we can safely say that India is becoming a created nation with the vicinity of broad minded individuals ready to take the danger and at the same time bring satisfaction to both sides. The ethical issues remain debatable yet there is undoubtedly what number of issues this one strategy can unravel, to …

Benefits of Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage

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People prefer it to other kind of marriages due to its simple procedure, little expenses and universal legality. If you are against social curse like dowry then you should join hands with Arya Samaj Mandir in eradicating this curse from Indian society as Arya Samaj Mandir has been fighting against dowry with all its efforts from long time back.Arya Samaj strongly protests caste system as this has been creating differences among people and weakening the strength of unity of India. The aim of Arya Samaj is to spread great Vedic Knowledge in every part of the world as the Vedas are the scriptures of all true knowledge.

The family of bridegroom has to spend their whole life in prison. Thus both of the families live their lives in panic and the marriages which should be for the happy families turn to the reasons of sorrow. All the marriages which are conducted at Arya Samaj Mandir are totally prohibited from dowry systems because Arya Samaj is strictly against the dowry system. Marriages that are performed at Arya Samaj Mandir, have limited invitees. Thus We save my selves from many unnecessary hassles like Tents, Band, Halwai, D.J. system, distribution of invitation cards, transportation for people, marketing etc.It also keeps you away from all loiter procedures and flamboyance arrangements like card distribution, a long and awaited bookings for marriage hall or farmhouse, a long listed menu, accessories for decoration, accommodation of guests and marketing and extravagances.

Without true love we cannot become true human beings and if we are not true human beings, our nation will never make progress.Caste system had made the roots of our nation shallow. Arya Samaj Mandir has always opposed the caste system prevailed in the society.Arya Samaj encourages inter-caste marriages in order to alleviate this deep rooted social evil in the society. According to our law child marriage is completely prohibited, which attracts punishment if the law is violated. We save my selves from this social evil like child marriage.

As Arya Samaj is against dowry, marriage is solemnized without any dowry and it liberates lower and middle class people from the burden of dowry. One gets a legal marriage certificate that certify a couple legal husband and wife. Further, marriages conducted in arya samaj mandir are free from noise and too much rush, and is solemnized in peace while incorporating different Vedic rituals and chants.

The certificate of marriage given by Arya Samaj Mandir is absolutely legally valid on the basis of which you are fully declared as Husband and wife. After securing Marriage Certificate, no one can harm you and even challenge your marriage in the court of law. Many people kill the baby girls in the womb because of the fear of their marriage expenses in the future. This has resulted in male-female ratio misbalance.

There is also legislation in place equivalent to Court Marriage Act 1954 that justifies the marriages solemnized in Arya Samaj Mandir. As marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir is solemnized under …

Combating Drug Menace: The Efforts of Punjab Government

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Social media and traditional media have been very vocal about the recent controversy over Bollywood film, “Udta Punjab” which highlights the issue of drug addiction in Punjab. Given that the drug problem in Punjab is important, what media doesn’t show is the efforts done by the state government to counter this painstaking issue once and for all.  Main features of government efforts have been the counselling service from qualified psychiatrists, de-addiction centers for addicts, yoga therapy, etc. Red Cross has also opened its state branch which has been supporting state government’s efforts. Another feature has been the family counselling provided to impress upon on the need of family support in battling drug addiction. Private de-addiction centers and NGOs have been doing their part of the job along with the government to raise awareness against drug abuse and addiction.


The extent of this problem has been quantified by a recent study done by National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) at AIIMS. According to the study, there are 123,000 heroin-consuming people among the population of 27.7 million. Around 7,500 crore Rs. worth of opioids has been consumed every year in Punjab. The state government has also taken the problem at utmost priority and in recent years have made large strides in combating drug menace by arresting the big time drug peddlers, small drug offenders, and typical addicts.


Narco-terrorism is another feature that has entered this region. Groups from neighbouring countries have been trying to spread this drug epidemic in Punjab to make youth into addicts. Punjab lies in proximity to nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, which produces and sells largest amount of heroin in the world. The state government has been working with Central government and security forces to fight this new type of terrorism. They are also trying to contain this problem from propagating deeper in India.


All these efforts have been subsided by political parties like AAP and Congress, which are busy scoring political points against the ruling SAD government. In this complete lack of responsibility, both opposition parties have been showing Punjabi youth in a bad light. They also have ruined Punjab’s image. In this hour of need, both parties have forgotten their role and responsibility in their pursuit to make electoral gains.


It’s now up to the electorates of Punjab to decide what they want to choose – a government fighting how-drugs-in-punjab-is-a-misleading-stat or a government which maligned the very state it wanted to rule. …

Why Healthcare Consulting is Important

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Healthcare is a critical industry. Economic growth depends largely on productivity, but unhealthy or sick workers are unable to perform at optimal levels. An inefficient or inaccessible healthcare system means companies and governments are losing valuable productive hours every day. The importance of well-regulated and well-run healthcare services being available to all segments of society cannot be overstated. Healthcare consultants in India assist healthcare institutes to function with the same goal in mind.

The cornerstone of the healthcare industry is, of course, hospitals. As very serious diseases become more common, the average person will come to rely on convenient, safe and affordable treatment more and more for daily life. Chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and cancer require frequent visits to hospitals or doctors to keep the disease under control. Additionally, hospitals must still be equipped to handle more ordinary problems like delivery, minor surgery, fever or trauma and casualty. Furthermore, the best treatment for many procedures has grown more complex as scientific breakthroughs lead to improved outcomes.

In India, hospitals are either small, single-specialty nursing homes with limited services available or massive institutions striving valiantly to provide everything for everyone. It’s a monumentally difficult task with which even the best financed corporate hospitals struggle. Here is where Healthcare consulting steps in to ensure smooth operation and goal achievement of the institute.

In many cases, the leadership of corporate hospitals have medical backgrounds, which no doubt helps them understand many aspects of hospital operations. However, it’s important to note that these administrators do not have specializations in business. While the mission of a hospital is to heal, it is a business at the end of the day and must meet certain targets to remain viable. It can be difficult for hospital leaders who have spent their entire career focusing on clinical issues to manage day-to-day operations as well as envision and execute the necessary strategies for further growth.

In these situations, healthcare consultant in India performs a vital service for the industry. Healthcare consulting is a specialized branch of management consulting, where experienced professionals with both cross-sector experience and deep healthcare backgrounds work closely in small teams with hospital administrators to attain goals. Healthcare consultants in India are further specialized to this particular context, having studied the multi-faceted domestic landscape in great detail.

The nature of any one health care consulting engagement is unique. Each plan is crafted fresh to address the client’s precise challenge. Healthcare consultants routinely help hospitals and other healthcare organizations to

– improve profits through cost savings or revenue increases

– design and execute process improvements for better clinical outcomes or increased efficiency

– implement new HR policies to increase retention or boost morale

– create strategies for expansion into new service lines or geographic areas

– conceptualize and oversee healthcare marketing campaigns in print, online and on TV

– build step-by-step road maps for healthcare franchising

– research and select the best IT solutions

– and design comprehensive business models for new facilities

On occasion, …