Industrial Code Of Conduct And Engagement

Code of conduct-Some specific written norm constitute for guide the organizational activities of people for fulfill the motto of organization along with comply the rules of  legislative of respective country.

Role of code of conduct-Now a day code of conduct is vital normal responsibility for industry or any social organization for fulfill the organizational motto. Some preventive and corrective action are also being taken continuously for improve the potentiality of code of conduct for hindering the mischievous behavior of concern employees or member. Concern employees or members are also become alert for won behavior and productive work through impact of code of conduct.

                                               On the other hand, it is also true that code conduct is an internal constitution for make a flow of moral responsibility created by employer for keeping organizational motto.

Impact upon employee in industry– Out of organization code of conduct does not impact employees to keep ethical responsible in theirs behavior. Generally employees are more complying with code of conduct for secure own job than purely engaged to organization, though organization providing bread and butter to employees. It does not mean that all the employees are having same attitude. Some of them are also inclined to organization whole heartily

                                                         Now question is: how real engagement comes from employees is big challenge for entrepreneurs. Though Industrial laws stand for   run the industry as per respective country law, but in diverse situation both employers and employees

are dislocated by blaming to economical situation, and employees are suffering morally and financially is a continuous process in world wide economical scenario.

                                                 Even light, water and minimum needs are also not fulfilled by organization by taking any alternative way at diverse economical situation, because code of conduct is only stands for making profit, but not for fulfilling hearty social responsibility of humanitarian culture.

New feature of code of conduct for true engagement and social responsibility-Code of conduct should be framed unanimously base on trust and social responsibility among employers and employees for fulfilling the organization motto along with making strategy for facing jointly any diverse up coming situation as follow-

A-Code of conduct should be denoted as “Living code”.

B-Strategy is to be framed for various unexpected huddles.

C-Unanimous planning should be made upon up coming inflation or natural calamity.

D-Though code of conduct stands for fulfill the motto and corporate responsibility of organization along with comply with legislative norms, but it is observed that employees are tending more cautious about job secure than engagement. It does not mean that all employees are having same attitude.

                  It is challenge for all entrepreneurs that how to improve the engagement among employees for touch the highest motto of organization. An analysis is described below for improve enthuse of employees towards engagement.

A-Study of human tendency

1– To make inclination towards organizational motto is engagement .Inclination comes from positive thought. Positive thought is one of wave of mind. Positive thought wave is blowing in mind by getting outside and inside impulses .Outside impulses means natural and artificial activities of environment, and inside means impulses arisen spontaneously in mind as per traits of chromosome.

                                         Organization tries to blow positive impulses by various motivational programming, but due to more negative impulses arisen outside or in mind spontaneously, one does not incline to organizational motto.

                                      Negative impulses are repulsion intelligence or foolishness. Foolishness is no so harm to organization than repulsion intelligence, and foolish can be turned to positive easily by imparting more training, education and perpetual goading. But repulsion intelligence can be changed when maximum employees become positive along with goading upon real conception of life.

                                       Proper conception of life comes from perpetual divine goading. Perpetual divine goading means eternal truth within one and universe. It is clear that engagement can be improved by perpetual goading of life and growth in any organization. Life and growth means the ways which nurturing psychologically, socially and economonically.Industry stands for facilitate socially and economically. Psychological analysis among employees in industry is as follow.

(a)- Repulsion intelligent are taking more social and economical facilitation by anyhow from industry than foolish without engaged to industry, and feeling self unhappy and make other unhappy in various ways.

(b)- Importance of social , economical condition ,own future, gaiety and offspring future  in life is little felt by foolish due to instinct and habit; therefore they are also not engaged properly to industry base on system and recourses utilization, and feeling unhappy self and trapped by repulsion intelligence inside and outside of organization is one of vital  cause of social anarchy.

                                          As per above analysis a wave of conception of life and growth base on psychology, social and economy to be blown by employer in industry for proper engagement.

                                             Therefore a divine goading should also be introduced perpetually which help to improve the potentiality of positive reception of mind, will easily infuse the other motivational programming for improvement of engagement, production and productivity of any organization.

B-Thought of broadness about human civilization along with profit and ecology

2– Creates faith and trust towards employers among employees.

For this employer to be transparent base on looses and profit, equality, justice and moral responsibility, future plan, job security, equal opportunity, reduce the distance among senior and junior, freedom of talk about any violence of ethics of organization motto etc.

3-Develop of job leadership among employees-

(a)-Scope to be given to all employees for improves leadership in their respective area. Never depress to low paid or post employees by making superior or inferior intelligence.

(b)-Never impose job upon them but with trick makes them to find out and perform own job present and absent of authority, and think to simplify and improve the productivity is engaged to self in theirs duty period.

4-Makes and give scope one to become multiples skilled for tackle one or more table or spot.

C- Transparent in talk and act-

5-Mischivious act of employees should be settled amicable as far possible.

6-Various motivating programme should be conducted among employee for physical fitness, moral courage, family planning, saving, higher education, perpetual religion goading etc.

7-Always allow democratic and fair laborers’ representative for long terms survive of engagement.

8-Rewards and reorganization should be given through proper statutory scale.

                                           When above transparent and cordial wave for being and becoming will blow in industry, spontaneously engagement will be improved which draws prosperous and happy life both individually and collectively.