Inconvenient truths and lunatic 2083 fallacies


By Stanley Collymore

 On Saturday 23 July 2011 the day after the terrorist outrage in Norway the British tabloid newspaper the Sun carried as its banner headline: “Norway’s 9/11” then without a shred of evidence to support its grotesque allegations went on to categorically assert that this act of terrorism was Muslim-related, tied to al-Qaida and linked to Colonel Gaddafi’s loathsome regime in Libya. The biggest selling daily in the UK because regrettably its feeds off smut and mindless propaganda, the sort of thing that unfortunately many Brits insatiably lap up, the agenda of the Sun newspaper, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International that’s currently deeply embroiled in the phone hacking scandal in the UK, hasn’t, it seems, learnt anything from the universally condemned, reprehensible conduct of its now defunct sister newspaper the News of the World, its own unanswered similar, vile behaviour in the same contemptible imbroglio or that of its parent companies News International and News Corp.

But don’t for a minute run away with the mistaken notion that the Sun alone was at fault in deliberately, dishonestly, xenophobically, Islamophobically and in racially-motivated terms mischievously pointing the finger of blame at Muslims for what had taken place in Norway.. By no means was this the case. In fact, all the western media, print as well as the electronic, instantaneously jumped on board the same expedient bandwagon and in the most demonized, completely vicious and comprehensively racist terms imaginable denounced the murderous events in Norway as undeniably the barbaric acts of terrorists and the perpetrators of them as none other than Muslims. And while it’s perfectly allowable and even marginally legitimate, although somewhat misguided, to candidly offer up one’s speculation as a likely possibility for something that has happened even in cases like this one, it’s neither moral nor lawful to do so using one’s unsubstantiated suppositions as cast iron facts to mask one’s prejudices or wilfully create mischief.

This however is precisely what the BBC did; and I’m singling it out and taking it to task here because it’s a public broadcasting corporation which every citizen and resident in the United Kingdom who owns a TV set or recording equipment, whether that person watches or listens to the BBC or not and increasingly because of the entrenched Zionist stance and exceedingly biased propagandistic drivel that the BBC increasingly and perniciously pumps out aren’t any longer doing so, must obligatorily fund through the statutorily enshrined by parliament, BBC licence fee with the unpleasant alternative for those who dissent of a very hefty court fine and immediate imprisonment if they don’t follow suit and do what the majority of the populace is coerced into coughing up for the BBC’s gross mismanagement. In actual fact the BBC is the only broadcaster in the entire United Kingdom which is legally accorded this privilege and as such one would logically have expected that it would endeavour to reflect the diverse views in a balanced, objective and matured manner of its financiers, namely the completely ignored British public; but it clearly doesn’t do so.

Rather all the significant directives of BBC news editors, producers and its news reports, in particular those pertaining to the Middle East, are routinely determined in Israel, closely and even identically most of the time reflect the views of the Zionist government there and even scandalously go as far as reproducing verbatim Israeli, Zionist, government propaganda and deceitfully and contemptibly masking this and portraying it to its declining viewership as the BBC’s own independent, objective and assiduously researched news gathering and reporting by its customarily Israeli-based so-called correspondents when these lazy buggers do nothing of the kind and are quite eager to cheerfully parrot what their Zionist buddies tell them to say. So it came as no surprise at all that Israeli and BBC news reports on the Norwegian terrorist outrage were totally indistinct from each other. For not only was the BBC loudly banging its customary racist, Islamophobic but markedly pro-Zionist drum over the incidents in Norway and accusing Muslims of being responsible for them, it also unequivocally called the alleged perpetrators of these heinous acts terrorists and continued doing so in every news broadcast until the Norwegian authorities who’d also followed a similar line of vilification were forced to admit and announce that their actual architect  was a native, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed Norwegian who unashamedly classes himself as a fundamentalist Christian, avid admirer of Adolf Hitler and Benjamin Netanyahu (at least he’s had the good sense to lump these two in the same category with each other), compulsive Islamophobe, racist and fanatical xenophobe quite understandably with no links whatsoever to any Muslim group or organization, terrorist or otherwise, but none the less with plenty connections by his own freely offered confession to several extreme, right-wing groups not only located in Norway but also across the rest of Europe, most notably with the English Defence League, generally referred to as the EDL, in England.

This is a tiny grouping of inveterate bigots, xenophobes and losers that is neither a league nor English for that matter as I’ve previously reported in other articles on the subject, and even if they were they do not represent the overwhelming majority of English citizens of whom I’m one of them or do they defend anything remotely English, but rather they clearly generate a great deal of hot air and instigate much illogical angst among the more gullible elements of British society who seeing their living standards decline and unable to find work , as there is precious little of it to be had for the unskilled and uneducated but either unable or unwilling to adjust to or transform their situations to meet existing circumstances prefer instead to look for convenient scapegoats to vent their anger at and frustration on rather than place the blame where it really belongs, firmly at the feet of a coterie of venally corrupt, unimaginative and incompetent politicians and bankers; the former of these ironically and true to their scheming nature seeing nothing wrong in unscrupulously, self-servingly and in racist terms exploiting these citizens’ fears to get themselves elected and financially line their own pockets, while at the same time doing absolutely nothing to come to terms with let alone tackle the real core of the problem which the country faces.

Grist to the mill of racist and xenophobic bodies likes the EDL that are themselves too stupid and equally inept by far to objectively understand let alone offer any solutions as deliberately inciting cultural and race wars not finding rational solutions are what they’re really all about; and the same way that the likes of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi, Geert Wilders and the rest of them cynically use these people to garner votes and get themselves elected to political office but would rather die than condescend to socialize or even culturally identify with these people, the secretive puppet masters behind bodies like the EDL also employ the same ruthless tactics to cash in on this burgeoning disillusionment and feeling of complete helpless isolation on the part of their hoodwinked, human guinea pigs to boost their membership figures. And from my personal perspective having carefully listened to and systematically observed at very close quarters this rabble of intellectually challenged and markedly inarticulate foot soldiers who call themselves the English Defence League, I would suggest instead that given the circumstances previously outlined that they accord to themselves the more apt appellation of the English Deficiency Losers (EDL).

And developing on the above theme culpable and reprehensible culprits like David Cameron are every bit as much to blame for the presence in our midst of these Neanderthal morons and the utterly cold-blooded massacre that was carried out in Norway on Friday the 22 July 2011, since it’s they that deliberately pander to while ardently and premeditatedly stoking the racist and xenophobic sentiments of these people. For let’s not forget that it was David Cameron as the PR guru and general election campaign manager of another loser and Conservative leader Michael Howard that came up with and was principally responsible for using in that election campaign the sparsely disguised and unequivocally disgusting, racist, Conservative campaign slogan: “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” So there are extensive links whether or not they acknowledge it between David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of their ilk, who unfortunately infest European politics with their hateful bile, and the Anders Behring Breiviks of this world, as indeed is the same detestable connection with the western media and particularly those like the BBC, as is categorically shown below in their repellent response when the Norwegian authorities officially told the world who the terrorist and mass murderer in their midst really was.

That’s the moment when the BBC in this Norwegian saga showed its true Islamophobic and racist colours. Instantaneously all references by it to this being an outrage linked inextricably to terrorism that previously were gratuitously spewed across the airwaves and the perpetrator being a terrorist were unceremoniously and permanently dropped. Suddenly the person that was responsible for these atrocities, Anders Behring Breivik, became in the eyes of the BBC and puppet masters a lone gunman who’d merely shot a few people in a mad rampage which what nothing to do with anyone else but himself. Discreditably the other British and western media broadcasters and newspapers also instantly switched off their terrorist radar and did a complete about face, referring to Anders Behring Breivik variously as an extreme Christian fundamentalist, rightwing fanatic and even a solitary, mad gunman suffering from delusions of grandeur; anything and everything apart from what he actually is and which they are very reluctant and even totally unwilling to brand him as. Reality had struck home quite forcibly it seemed and the very inconvenient truth they were faced with was much too much to bear, let alone an incentive that allowed them to express in print or voice on air the truth of what had actually befallen the people of Norway.

However when the BBC was inevitably questioned about this repugnant turnabout on its part and the attendant stance it had taken it cavalierly responded that it wasn’t any longer justified in using the terms terrorist and terrorism because regardless of how many people that Anders Behring Breivik had killed his actions were those of a lone gunman. But when additionally it was pressed on whether it would have been so obviously laissez-faire, understanding or even exculpatory in its defence of someone who’d unquestionably but even more importantly had also freely admitted to carrying out atrocities of a similar nature if that particular person were presumably a lone Muslim or other non-white individual, the BBC firmly refused to respond. No surprise therefore to those of us that are fully cognisant of the BBC’s endemic racism and Zionist agenda; and my one existent interest as far as the BBC’s nest of Zionists is concerned is when someone or persons who aren’t necessarily of any ideological persuasion or linked to any specific group of people but absolutely fed up to the back teeth with the BBC’s arrogant attitude of fleecing us financially as it recurrently does, persistently taking not a blind bit of notice of the genuine needs of those of us that must obligatorily fund it with our hard-earned cash while at the same time sickeningly observe it enthusiastically kow-tow to every impulse and dictate of the domineering, foreign, sadistic, Zionist child murderers and satanic, nutcase fundamentalist Christians who are responsible for most of the evil perpetrated in the world at the present time and who evidently pull the BBC’s obsequious chain, does a thorough Anders Behring Breivik on the entire assortment of these verminous creatures infesting Broadcasting House and forever rid us of the vile lot of them; now that explicitly, from an entirely personal outlook and fully exercising my democratic right to independence of thought and freedom of speech, is one act that I would plausibly and quite conscionably not deem as terroristic.

Barack Obama too was conspicuously swift in peddling his Zionist and Islamophobic biases; pathetic really when one considers that the entire paternal side of his biological family line is Muslim. Nevertheless, there he was from the very beginning of this Nordic saga and with the Norwegian authorities themselves still very much unsure who was really behind this terrorist outrage unambiguously all the same blaming it on Muslims; correctly however attributing the events themselves as terroristic, but then straight away going on to justify why the US and its allies must committedly keep up their collaborative fight against Muslim terrorism. However he too immediately and permanently dropped the label terrorist in relation to the perpetrator of what had premeditatedly transpired in Norway when he discovered that the actual terrorist was a Nordic Caucasian. Gone too was Barack’s earlier commitment to keep on waging war on these barbaric terrorists that he was so dead set against and determinedly desired to totally eradicate when he naturally assumed they were Muslims. And it’s rather quite sickening that someone and especially the president of the world’s supposedly most powerful country, even without someone of Barack Obama’s background, could so easily buy into this unmistakably racist, Islamophobic, Zionist, fundamentalist Christian rightwing narrative; this despite the fact that the proponents of this satanic, perverse and pervasive ideology vehemently detest him and would happily see him dead!

There’s also something even much sicker and more repugnant about Barack Obama’s general conduct and obsequious, pro-Zionist activities than even those that readily catch the eye. This is a man who, propelled by the Zionist government in 21st century apartheid-structured Israel that has derogatorily and racially dismissed him as just another house nigger and publicly and rather humiliatingly for him and quite embarrassingly for others to observe treats him as such even in his own capital Washington, having Benjamin Netanyahu that rather disdainfully and publicly opposes everything mildly constructive which he has openly declared he would like to see happen in the Middle East and getting well over 55 lengthy, standing ovations for this grotesque and chilling put down of a United States president in the seat of US government as it were (something that would never have been countenanced let alone done to any white US head of state past or future), yet despite these mass of Zionist Israeli insults heaped upon and cruelly directed towards him still willingly and masochistically offers himself up for more of these ritualistic thrashings. Driven also and even dictated to by the highly influential Zionist lobbies, their venal and self-serving puppets in the United States Congress and their 50 odd million nutcase fundamentalist Christians allies scattered across that sad land, has repeatedly authorized, despite knowing full well the inordinate loss of innocent lives that they cause, a spate of CIA-operated unmanned drones in a way that George W. Bush never contemplated let alone sanctioned, that collectively are responsible for the indiscriminate killing of many thousands of innocent civilians,, mostly children and the elderly, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya and always to placate and advance the Israeli, Zionist cause.

By any definition of the word a murderer, Barack Obama who covertly authorizes the CIA in coordination with the Israeli security services, those of Britain, France, and with these acts of terrorism cheerfully reinforced by the tacit backing of the EU’s principal players and together with Saudi Arabia the substantial paymaster of these terrorist ventures, terrorist groups such as the MKO wreaking its murderous atrocities in Iraq and Iran. The very same MKO that the United States and EU recently, and quite cynically and dishonestly rehabilitated and for these specific purposes took off their terrorist lists, and that now assist in propping up the US’s and the west’s continuing but fragile hegemony in the Middle East, particularly so in the wake of the popular peoples’ uprisings there which caught these colonialist entities totally by surprise forcing them now to tirelessly do everything in their power and black arts manual of political, military, diplomatic and even financial machinations, despite their mammoth financial woes, to drastically reverse. Notwithstanding the indisputable fact that this is the same MKO that is otherwise globally outlawed by every other country than those of its present benefactors and protectors; and quite rightly so too as it is a nihilistic terrorist outfit that indulges in terrorism for the sheer love of it and who myriad crimes against humanity carried out not only against post-revolutionary Iran but also the Kurds and others under the auspices of the United States and Saddam Hussein when he was the United States and the west’s bosom pal; that the Iraqi people in the face of escalating US opposition and pressure want to have cleansed from their country where the United States has them based primarily because it’s next-door to Iran and understandably is causing a great deal of angst to the average Iraqi citizen.

And as if that wasn’t enough it’s the United States along with Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other oil-rich states of the Middle East and with Turkey very actively giving its tactical support for all this, which are and for many years have been clandestinely using mercenaries and the well-funded policy of concerted government destabilization not only against Syria but equally against Lebanon while simultaneously shoring up manifestly despotic entities like Bahrain, the other Gulf fiefdoms and most notably Saudi Arabia, the biggest regional patron, other than Zionist, apartheid Israel, of state sponsored terrorism in the Middle East, lavishly donating in the process tens of millions of US dollars to its many Salafist and other home-grown and western trained terrorist groups that it disperses across the Middle East and in North Africa to do the malevolent work of the barbaric, uncouthed, downright sadistic, pre-Middle Ages mindset, serial incestuous, misogynistic yobs that run Saudi Arabia; and while we’re on this specific subject let’s not forget that the vast majority of the 9/11 terrorists were Salafist terrorists from Saudi Arabia, but we’re not going to war with that country or even bombing it. Ask yourselves why!

And all this is occurring on Barack Obama’s watch and with the enthusiastic support of his administration. Yet he has the bloody audacity to selectively and publicly condemn similar, bloody-minded acts of terrorism on a much smaller scale carried out in what is transparently a white Scandinavian country that apart from being an enthusiastic member of NATO and an active supporter and partner in the US-led, murderous, killing sprees for the past ten years in non-white Afghanistan alone, is now doing the same thing in Libya; and as well has played and continues to play an influential role in other US dirty deeds, for example extraordinary rendition to CIA European operated or outsourced gulags elsewhere, and yes the calculated, cold-blooded murder of non-white victims arbitrarily kidnapped and accused of terrorism, but when white terrorism raises its ugly head in Europe or the United States, as it has often done and for far more times than Muslim or other non-white terrorism has, while effusively and publicly, at any rate, empathizing with the victims of these terrorist mass murderers and even elevating them to the state of sainthood if they’re predominantly or majority white, the mass murderers themselves be they Timothy McVeigh or Anders Behring Breivik are never branded as terrorists or their premeditated acts of mass murder condemned as terrorism.

Queen Elizabeth II of England is a biological relative of the royal family of Norway; Queen Victoria saw to that when she married off her exceedingly large family to members of every other royal household in Europe, but the manifest difference between the inherent class and breeding of Her Majesty and the half-breed who currently presides as President of the United States of America couldn’t have been more pronounced. And I’ll stick my neck out and say that I’m quite certain that her Majesty deeply and genuinely empathizes with the victims and their families caught up in this Norwegian tragedy, and has communicated her sentiments to her royal relatives as well as the appropriate authorities in Norway to pass these on to those who’ve lost their loved ones or have been affected in any way by what has happened in their country; but she wouldn’t have dreamt of let alone contemplated doing this with any fanfare far less a media one as unashamedly bling-like Barack Obama has done, premeditatedly with one eye firmly focused on his 2012 re-election campaign and trying to garner votes through the sympathy factor this Hawaiian born, we’re told, US head of state has cynically used the media and particularly the full glare of television to record on this front not only his actions but those of his two daughters co-opted to be a part of this tasteless venture.

The sight of Barack Obama publicly directing his two daughters to write letters of sympathy and personal condolences to the people of Norway generally and the immediate relations of Anders Behring Breivik’s mindless barbarity in particular I found to be not only ironical but also repugnant in the extreme, and not simply because I know full well that if they were non-white they wouldn’t be given the same degree of consideration from him or other westerners at large and therefore think that these people don’t deserve any sympathy or earn the right to be empathized with, far from it; but solely because Barack is a bloody hypocrite of the worst kind, and what he was ostentatiously doing was nothing more than highhanded politicking of the most contemptible and offensive kind. For let’s not forget that shortly before this terrorist affront in Norway happened the very same Barack Obama was ordering a weak, endemically venally disposed, highly inept, dastardly and damnably corrupt regime in Greece to block by any means a flotilla of international ships assembled in its ports and known to be heading for Israeli-besieged Gaza to highlight the ongoing siege and dire plight of the Palestinian people forced by virtue of Israeli and western Zionist barbarity, principal among this being the US’s own active involvement, from setting sail for their legitimate and prearranged humanitarian destination.

One of these ships was The Audacity of Hope: an appellation which I’m quite sure Barack is familiar with as it’s the title also of one of his books, and on board this vessel of exclusively comprised senior US citizens from every walk of life and ranging from a former member of the United States security services, retired American servicemen who had rendered loyal and unsullied service to their country and a coterie of diverse professional persons, every one of them upstanding citizens of impeccable character, calibre and fortitude as well as a credit to humanity was an octogenarian Jewish lady and European holocaust survivor. Their ship like all the others in the Gaza-bound flotilla was voluntarily, thoroughly and officially checked out to transparently demonstrate to the world generally and additionally silence the lies and concerted, lying and mendacious propaganda of their vituperative Zionist critics on Capitol Hill, in EU capitals and embedded at their toadying media outlets, like the BBC and France 24 for example, that there was nothing illegal on board these vessels or which was remotely inimical to the much vaunted and oft cited security of Israel other than the passive, physical presence of the passengers they were carrying and these individuals conscionable solidarity with the oppressed people of occupied Palestine; but even in spite of these overtly and clear-cut precautionary measures of open transparency on their part none of this was good enough to satisfy the harassment demands or assuage the repressive tactics of Barack Obama or his  fanatically-driven, pro-Zionist and perennial, recidivist cohorts in Washington.

Not simply content at instructing the pusillanimous Greek regime to use essentially military tactics to both illegally in the Greek domestic sense of this terminology but also contrary to international law forcibly prevent what were legally foreign flagged ships with international crews and passengers from lawfully leaving Greek ports, a situation seriously exacerbated by the terroristic disablement of a number of these same ships and the premeditated and physical compounding of others  by the Greek navy at the specific behest of the US president, Barack Obama further instructed the United States’ embassy in the Greek capital Athens and in total violation of the US Constitution not to give consular assistance of any kind to those members of the flotilla that were United States citizens but now as a direct consequence of his personal directives explicitly in support of the Zionist, apartheid entity that is Israel, found themselves involuntarily trapped in Greece and physically prevented from leaving that country.

Moreover sources of mine had earlier intimated to me, a story that was subsequently publicly acknowledged by the former United States security services officer on board The Audacity of Hope who said he was tipped off by colleagues still serving with the CIA that Barack Obama had personally given the Israeli regime the go-ahead to do whatever it liked to the flotilla and its members, including those on the US flagged and passengered The Audacity of Hope, were they despite everything he’d actually done in the Greek context to thwart them all from either approaching or actually entering Gaza’s territorial waters, and categorically reassuring it also that regardless of what was done to the ships and people directly involved with the flotilla by the Israelis generally or more specifically the regime of Benjamin Netanyahu and his coterie of criminals they would all explicitly receive the complete, public and diplomatic backing of Barack Obama himself and his administration under the expected old, lying, utterly dishonest but nevertheless often and successfully used canard vociferously and emphatically employed by the United States and Israel’s other contemptible, Zionist allies, supporters and apologists whenever that racist, apartheid, European, settler construct routinely embarked on another of its Nazi atrocities and was judiciously and morally condemned by the rest of the world for its actions, that Israel has the right to defend itself.

That’s like paedophile Roman Catholic priests and bishops believing that they have the right to abuse with absolute impunity underage children or vulnerable adults in their pastoral care, non-consensually sate their perverted, sexual proclivities with them and consequentially have the Vatican turn a blind eye to this dehumanizing, immoral, abusive and illegal behaviour, or even condone it under the fallacious, highly disingenuous but totally unconvincing argument that the Roman Catholic church is a mighty establishment, has many powerful friends in very high places who despicably but effectively can absolve it and its aberrant clerics of their clear and insufferable wrongdoings and therefore all is right with their world, I suppose.

But in light of the ongoing disclosures of the mindboggling enormity of this longstanding and nefarious sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic church and the evidently stark and entirely astonishing realization of the multi-billion Pounds payout which that religious institution has had to fork out in contrite compensation, primarily in the United States and Europe, the same jurisdictions that consistently and most obdurately neither see nor hear any evil where Zionist Israel is concerned, no sane or sensible individual would ever logically buy into the argument that the Roman Catholic church shouldn’t therefore be made to face up to, accept and be held totally responsible for what has evidently taken place on its watch, or that the culpable clerics shouldn’t be publicly shamed and punished for their evil actions; yet the completely opposite attitude is what the same United States of America and EU member countries in tandem with the white settler states of Canada, Australia and New Zealand are demanding that the genuine international community, as apart from the much vaunted, fake one, freely accepts in the case of the Israelis’ ongoing ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass killings, extrajudicial assassinations, land expropriations and most ironic really, taking into full consideration the well documented and hapless history with its gruesome attendant fate for Jews in Europe by and large and post 1492 in the several so-called Christian, civilization, settler countries like the United States of America, Brazil and Australia for example in particular, other holocaust activities against the Palestinians, and rather effectively using the umbrella of their individual or collective nuclear capabilities to enforce by unsavoury means their rather twisted points of view.

But guess what? The US vessel The Audacity of Hope unlike the others in the flotilla wasn’t even carrying humanitarian aid; rather its complete cargo was the most dangerous, generally threatening to world peace as well as the security of Israel in particular and conceivably and indisputably terroristic in nature that any vessel could possibly carry or irresponsibly hope to do so; for on board it were literally thousands of handwritten letters freely and spontaneously penned by a large segment of the US public of all reasonable ages, religious beliefs or none, ethnic origins and backgrounds and of both genders sincerely empathizing with the enforced plight of the Palestinian people in response to the inhumane treatment which for well over 60 years and still ongoing they’ve been methodically subjected to at the sinister hands of Zionist terrorists not only in Israel itself, prior and subsequent to its inception as a so-called state, but equally and just as importantly so by the oligarchy of western governments, notably those in North America and the EU as well that are wholly blameworthy in and staunchly supportive of this diabolical travesty of justice in relation to the Palestinian people. But evidently while it’s entirely alright for Barack Obama and his daughters to ostentatiously and arguably quite insincerely dispatch letters of support and condolences to the people of Norway for ordinary US citizens to genuinely do so however in relation to the people of Palestine is a terrorist act that with the unstinting support of the President of the United States of America, the one and same Barack Obama, renders them to be suitable targets to be murderously gunned down by serially out of control, Zionist, Israeli psychopaths!

But quite infamously and rather noticeably ever since his deplorable speech to AIPAC, while he was still campaigning to be President of the United States of America, about his desire to see Jerusalem (or to give it its Arab name al-Quds that wasn’t used ) as the undivided capital of Israel Barack Obama somewhat non-self-confidently like an unwanted waif in a children’s home desperately wanting to be loved and additionally craving recognition for himself from those whom he considered were the ones that mattered in the process has been bending over backwards to pusillanimously please and gratuitously curry favour with the significantly out of all pragmatic relation to their authentic numbers in the US’s population, highly influential American Jewish and Zionist lobbies, those US lawmakers and other foremost establishment venal figures that they have firmly ensconced in their back pockets, and the fanatical coterie of extreme rightwing fundamentalist Christians, who in reality are more a bunch of sadistic, self-flagellating, nihilistic, satanic, acquisitive, perverse and Armageddonist nutcases whose beliefs and actions bear not the remotest resemblance to the teachings of Jesus Christ or the genuinely civilized tenets of Christianity as they’re more generally understood and accepted by real Christians, that didn’t vote for him in 2008 and, in a month of Sundays, would never have considered voting for him let alone have actually gone out to a poling station and done so; and who even when in due course he was elected, despite having accomplished this feat with a colossal landslide and a resounding popular mandate from the electorate and crucially hadn’t as yet even been inaugurated as the President of the United States were none the less in the most damningly vitriolic and distinctly racially-motivated terms, and with certifiable, intellectually challenged and loud-mouthed lunatics like Rush Limbaugh in the vanguard of their campaign and encouraging it for all it was worth, publicly stating that the said Barack Obama was just a none-term President and they would do everything in their power to see that was the ultimate outcome of his presidency.

Almost four years on in office Barack hasn’t managed to change the hearts and minds, alter the poisonous rhetoric or remotely ameliorate the intense vitriol of these racist, fanatical and fundamentalist bigots but rather has instead made them even more committedly fixated with him and to their depraved cause than ever before; but as evidently appears to be the case the worse that they behave, acting like the super brats they undoubtedly are with a marked lack of intellectual acumen and commonsense to go with it, the more appeasing and ingratiating towards them Barack has become as he readily gives in to their insufferable and nauseating behaviour. For instance, he hadn’t been in office properly for five minutes when these quite truculent imbeciles demanded and got their first scalp from him with Barack totally and in the most abject manner capitulating to them on a matter of crucial importance and morally indispensable significance.

The UN was about to hold its second international conference on global racism, this time on Barack Obama’s watch. George W. Bush and the real president Dick Cheney running a right wing US regime had in the past prevented the United States from attending the very first such conference but it was broadly hoped and eagerly anticipated that Barack having emphatically trounced and replaced this old guard, racist mindset epitomized in the Oval Office by Cheney and Bush and moreover in the aftermath of the repercussions of their racist perspective to the majority black victims of Hurricane Katrina, and not least taking into consideration Barack’s own African-Caucasian, perceptibly mixed race heritage and background, his having a black wife and children whose ancestral US-slavery roots were in the public domain, and with him being the United States’ first ever non-white president that with these issues factored into his psyche things would be radically different from what they were before and with its centuries-old history of the violent conquest and brutal genocide of the indigenous people belonging to what their European mass murderers arbitrarily and with no input from those they’d replaced renamed North America that the United States also demonstrably culpable for the widespread and institutionalized slavery of millions of Africans brought involuntarily and mortifyingly to its shores, as well as the endemic racism which is comprehensively practised not only against Blacks but also other equally vilified ethnic minorities in the United States, President Barack Obama would step up manfully to the plate, take a committed moral and confessional stance on behalf of the country of which he was the elected head of state and unequivocally not only signify its willingness to be present but actually enthusiastically instruct the United States of America to be officially present at this conference with the remit too to actively participate in and do all in its power to make the conference a great success.

Instead and in grandstanding fashion Barack Obama did the complete opposite, humiliatingly adding a massive insult to the centuries-old inflicted and still festering injuries of the African American people and most significantly their electorate that had almost exclusively voted for him in the presidential elections, while at the same time mindboggling and totally incredibly giving tremendous succour and a monumental fillip to the scurrilous agendas of those inured, white-supremacist racists and their complementary cohorts of fanatical, religious bigots who were openly his implacable foes. But worse was to follow in the ensuing years of the Obama presidency.

Lamentably for the permanent prospect of bona fide equality for African-Americans and the willing acknowledgement of their genuine worth as fellow human beings Barack Obama has either bought into the somewhat encumbering but from the perspective of their white liberal guilt-trippers and erstwhile oppressors the handy and self-absolving Caucasian narrative that the black civil rights campaigns of the 1960s and the moderately few major concessions that were grudgingly extracted because of them have created a sort of Utopian situation where Blacks are now free and therefore that presumed state of affairs thus effectively extricates all whites from the hook of their numerous past wrongdoings, both individually and collectively executed, to Blacks; or else he has cynically and self-servingly adopted the clearly egregious and selfish stance relative to himself and his family of I’m pulling the ladder up Jack and sod the rest of you. For there’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever or should there be in that of any objective observer of the body politic of the United States of America that a huge majority of Blacks living there are doubtlessly in desperate need of a renewed and even more challenging civil and human rights movement committed this time to nothing less than genuine and deep-seated change vis-à-vis to what was envisaged and ultimately received by that of the 1960s.

There may be an incumbent US president in the White House whose mother was white and his father a black, Kenyan Africa but there are still disproportionate to their make-up of the United States population as a whole far more Blacks on death row, incarcerated in the penal system generally and in automatic receipt of longer jail sentences, who are the wilful targets of establishment profiling, summary police and prison officers slayings without their killers being considered culpable for the loss of life they’ve occasioned and too frequently cleared of all wrongdoings by dodgy and invariably prejudiced juries or corrupt judges, of all races, for these unlawful acts; the perennial victims of rough justice and noticeably so in all these specified areas earlier mentioned, and more likely to be than majority white US citizens or residents and who most disturbingly, as it is endemically rampant in the case of Florida for example and was clearly evident and unashamedly abused in the 2000 presidential election, are systematically, arbitrarily and more frequently than any other racial group in the United States denied their constitutional voting rights. And disgracefully Barack Obama has failed quite miserably to address any of these problems.

No one, least of all those of us who campaigned long, hard and determinedly to have Barack elected as President of the United States of America expected or ever wished for him to be a partisan head of state pre-occupied only with the interests of the Democratic Party or the sole concerns of African-Americas; but that said we didn’t anticipate him either to just ignore, by pretending or deluding himself that they didn’t exist, the main injustices I earlier pointed out and that in any society priding itself on being civilized and democratic ought wholeheartedly unapologetically and vigorously to be tackled and ruthlessly eradicated regardless of who the victims or the perpetrators are; and when those aforesaid victims comprise a core element of the president’s political constituency it’s not only inconceivable but also morally indefensible that they could be treated so shabbily or taken for granted.

To understand although by no means condone what the president is unquestionably and also deliberately doing it seems, one must factor in and investigate two compelling and though at first they may appear contradictory are none the less symbiotic aspects of his psychological make-up that looked at impartially are really farcical but to Barack Obama appear major and even significant. The first of these is his unwillingness or inability to come to terms with his familial demons: the missing father in his life syndrome; the other quite simply is his wilful attachment to the aberrant condition generally known as the Stockholm Syndrome where the victim quite literally identifies with and even morphs into behaving precisely like his or her abusers. Americans of a certain age would have witnessed and will remember a similar thing happening to the kidnapped heiress Patti Hearst for example.

In Barack Obama’s case he knows perfectly well that for a number of weird, repugnant and totally asinine and perverse ideological reasons but principally the racist one that his several detractors on the United States far right regard the reality of a black man in the White House, never mind that this iconic American structure was built by black slaves, hard to stomach and utterly repugnant to themselves; and regardless of how much in dire straits their consummate stupidity, fiscal incompetence, gross venality and bestial behaviour collectively might imperil the economy of their country and the daily lives of many Americans, arguably the majority of them, in the pint-sized brains of these demonstrably dysfunctional Neanderthals of the United States’ far-right that’s in actual fact small fry to them stymieing everything that Barack might otherwise have constructively desired or initially even have genuinely intended doing so as to fundamentally make the United States a much better place than it currently is, since their one and only goal is to ensure that he’s booted out of office after just one term. However, instead of confronting these doltish nincompoops head on, publicly calling their bluff, and reinforced by the tremendous support, both nationally and internationally, that propelled him into office forcefully and unmistakably tell these whingeing cretins what they could do with themselves Barack has chosen instead to back away from any confrontation with them.

It’s a course of action that has only served to embolden these pathetic morons of the ilk and non-intellectual competence of the likes of Sarah Palin; caused genuine supporters to cringe in embarrassment and helplessly watch in irate frustration as Barack squanders opportunity after opportunity to redress several inequalities at home that he otherwise could and should have done as well as drastically rectify the United States’ appalling reputation and standing abroad while making amends for the immeasurable harm it has repeatedly caused to others. And holding on to the office of president therefore has seemingly become Barack Obama’s sole political raison d’être rather than being a president who will do what’s necessary to get the United States out of the unholy mess it’s in instead of what’s perceived as convenient to remain in office.

The Republicans know this and so they keep up the relentless pressure they’ve exerted from the very outset on Barack who, rather rich coming from them, they go on to portray as weak, indecisive  and wholly responsible for their country’s economic woes. It’s a load of bullshit really and even those of us thousands of miles away on the other side of the Atlantic can see this and sensibly dismiss it as such, but Barack Obama is so compromised now that he quite apparently hasn’t got the balls to ruthlessly fight his own corner and fearlessly do so on the aged-old principle that in circumstances such as those he now clearly finds himself saddled with the best form of defence is to attack.

And so instead we see these ludicrously conciliatory and utterly indefensible gestures on the part of the United States’ president to placate a coterie of decidedly imbecilic, extreme right-winger nutters who, not putting too fine a point on it, should all be candidates for and given compulsory lobotomies. So any official trip by Barack Obama in his role as President of the United States of America to Kenya: his paternal relatives ancestral and current homeland, is self-censored and totally out of the question for him in case it’s seen by his detractors as his highlighting his African roots and granting greater preference to these over what they would definitely see as established, mainstream and undoubtedly the far superior American culture; notwithstanding, of course, that every US president before, and they’ve all been exclusively white,  have routinely visited and made much play of their European roots.

But having turned his back on Kenya like he would the plague the same Barack Obama could nevertheless cheerfully saunter off to Ireland to do a photo-op in the birthplace of a so-called great-great-great-grandfather on his white mother’s side of the family who because of penury conditions in Ireland had emigrated to the United States (Barack’s father had also emigrated there but as a promising university student), but who strangely enough neither Barack’s white maternal grandparents nor his own mother come to that up to their deaths had ever heard of, or for that matter Barack himself until quite recently when an amateur Irish historian in the Republic of Ireland flagged up this link. No DNA confirmation mind you, but all the same Barack absolutely and enthusiastically devoured the story hook line and sinker as there are millions of potential Irish voters in the United States and it would satisfy many Americans still wary of him and probably inclined to listen to these rightwing detractors of his that he wasn’t so black after all, echoing the once infamous quote of Tiger Woods that he wasn’t black. I wonder what his personal appraisal of his own ethnicity following his dramatic fall from grace and those he’d evidently identified with have turned their backs on him now is? Logically in Barack Obama’s case there aren’t that many ethnic Kenyan votes to be had in the United States; nevertheless his biological link with Kenya whether he accepts it or not isn’t a myth but a fact. Or to mimic a dear and longstanding southern Irish friend of mine: “To be sure Stanley! To be sure!”

The Horn of Africa is in a complete mess and while it’s not possible to for anyone to legislate against natural disasters like drought and famine these utterly devastating afflictions can none the less be enormously exacerbated when the countries where they happen persistently allow themselves to be the pawns of and even to actively participate in the disastrous and immoral foreign policies of those that regularly abuse them. Ethiopia and Somalia for example instead of distributing their energies and what finances they have on conscientiously providing good governance for and taking proper care of their own people voluntarily genuflect to the whims of the major world powers. First it was Soviet exploitation and manipulation during the Cold War now it’s the turn of the United States and its western allies in NATO; and specifically in the case of Ethiopia, which the west, the military industrial complex and the United States in particular in this regard have all without fail exploited to provoke wars in the Horn of Africa and deliberately destabilize neighbouring African states, we despondently observe a country that once more finds itself severely raged by famine spending over thirty percent of its GDP on armaments bought on an astoundingly regular basis from the key arms manufacturers of western countries. Real people are starving and actually dying for a morsel of what those in the west daily dispose of either as superfluous to their needs or as past their sell-by-date but these corrupt, completely debased and unrepresentative African regimes nevertheless find it incumbent on themselves to first take care of the predatory and rapacious financial wants of the ubiquitous and pervasive military industrial complex of the west rather than the genuine needs of their own people.

And behind all this horrendous, stomach-churning and offensively intrusive close-up shots of the patently starving, grotesquely emaciated and appallingly fly-ridden dead appearing on our HD television screens are the indistinguishable from NATO, aid industrial complex, Cabal of western NGOs industriously attempting to emotionally blackmail us into loosening our purse strings, dig deeply into our pockets and accordingly fork out into their custodial care our hard earned cash to facilitate and gratify their extortionate demands that we must all help. But my sincere suggestion to them is this that we’re indubitably the wrong targets and instead it’s the western governments, their countries’ corrupt and profiteering banking systems, NATO, the exceedingly powerful, remarkably influential, obscenely rich, highly privileged, tax evading and exclusive elites that they should be badgering with their ominous entreaties and making these specific requisitions for assistance of, as they’re all in it together and deeply culpable for the interminable problems that we see not only in the Horn of Africa but regrettably are also witnessed elsewhere globally.

Frankly in the unmistakable and extreme dire straits in which the famine victims in the Horn of Africa repeatedly find themselves and are currently haplessly marooned it would be much better and far more humane in the long run if they were indifferently allowed to die en masse, as it would not only wean them and surviving, subsequent generations of these people off the debilitating culture of western famine and other related aid dependency with their unpleasant, obviously adverse strings attached and thinly camouflaged, condescending, white superiority, shouldering the black man’s burden mindset that all these western NGOs and their subsidiary spin-offs have but crucially will of necessity in the inevitable do-or-die circumstances they’re confronted with force those in the perennial, recipient aid countries to seriously take stock of themselves, radically dispense with those antiquated, disadvantageous and barbaric traditions strongly embedded in their culture, everyday lives and religious practices that they intuitively adhere to, immerse themselves in and which have no place whatsoever in a modern, civilized era, and bluntly need to be got rid of.

And what better way to start this widespread, metaphorically-speaking, spring cleaning than by urgently, pragmatically, sensibly and fundamentally putting in place permanent civic and legal structures of governance, and not least of these having responsible governments that are democratically elected, and not prescribed to them, by means of universal adult suffrage and which can be peacefully removed by the same process; that are wholly and irreversibly at all times accountable to all the citizens of their country and equally committed to the welfare of the state itself; the unstinting establishment of the rule of law, with everyone equal before it, and an independent judiciary to complement this; unalloyed freedom of expression, and the uninfringeable right to choice of worship or not have any at all depending on one’s personal preference; gender equality; the legal definition of a child with child protection mechanisms and legal rights to guarantee this; and the indispensible entitlement to equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of the person’s social or educational background, ethnicity, place of birth, or their religious or sexual orientation.

Failing that it’s my sincerest supposition that these people, as I’ve said previously, should be permitted to die and become extinct if necessary; as strapping a Band Aid plaster on a rotten and gangrenous would and deluding one’s self that it will eventually heal itself if this process is repeated often and for long enough, which basically is what these western NGOs that have become exceedingly lucrative businesses whose practices are not dissimilar from those of the grasping pharmaceutical firms are doing, when the only logical solution is to dispassionately and surgically remove the affected limb and pragmatically be done with it, isn’t going to help this or any other patient any for that matter.

Watching as I did a starving 15 year old Somali child, for that essentially is what she is, quite disconsolately bury her fourth child made me extremely angry and apoplectically demanding to know why on earth is a manifestly pubescent girl of that tender age a wife or the mother of any child let alone four of them; yet what was uppermost in this girl’s mind and all she could stoically think of, even in the perilous state of existence she was in, was producing as quickly as she could if her life was spared yet more children with manifestly uncertain futures for her husband. My God! What sort of a life is that, I ask you? No education; no obvious prospects; no useful future, or any life to speak of or worth living; just serving as an automaton breeding machine and dependent for her own survival on international, charitable handouts!

It makes no sense at all to me. And I don’t much care for or want to hear any of the numerous disingenuous, absurd arguments being gratuitously put about in relation to these considerably abused people of how it’s their social or religious culture and these must be respected. What sort of culture is it anyway which routinely inflicts such monumental harm on its followers? And as for it being religiously pre-ordained I don’t buy into that either. Religious beliefs are not an intrinsic part of our DNA structure which we can’t be divorced from but are merely a montage of concepts, some of them exceedingly good others quite frankly a load of rubbish, that are taught to us and can be inculcated, suitably amended to suit our specific needs or the prevailing circumstances we find ourselves in, or else be flatly and categorically rejected by us. In the past Christians used to burn those they perceived to be and roundly denounced as witches, and there were similarly many other equally barbaric practices that were acceptably carried out in the name of Christianity; and while the current day exponents of the Christian faith are far from perfect these barbarous practices are no longer tenable, would not now be tolerated let alone accepted in any circumstances and would be given short shrift by the due processes of the law.

So it’s high time I believe that the adherents of another great monolithic faith, Islam that has so much in common with Christianity and Judaism, since they’re all from the same Semitic stable of religions as it were, immediately stop wittering on about how peaceful Islam is and instead unequivocally through their actions and not just words demonstrate that it is by first getting independent lives of their own and being answerable for their own deeds, getting real to the fact that the world has dramatically changed since the formation of their religion in an obscure and unimportant desert in the Middle East, but even more importantly for their own sakes and those of the rest of us, have the courage and commonsense to move expeditiously from the Dark Ages where quite disappointingly many of them are blissfully ensconced into the liberating world of 21st Century. Similarly western NGOs need to take a long, hard look at themselves and analytically question the motives behind what they’re doing and the allied activities these give rise to. Would they for instance be so offensively intrusive, or encourage their media to be, into the grief, suffering and indecorous privacy: rudely stripping bare from them all sentiments of dignity and warranted respect, if their star-crossed and tragic victims in whatever catastrophe it was that these NGOs were dealing with were white Caucasian? I genuinely doubt it; since white sensibilities and sensitivities simply and intuitively wouldn’t have allowed it.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that most, if not all of the blame for what is taking place adversely in the Horn of Africa must be laid squarely on the shoulders of the respective western countries, particularly those of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy; their easily bought and sold cats’ paws located in Eastern Africa like Ethiopia and the puppet, totally unrepresentative and unaccountable but western backed regime in Mogadishu and, of course, the west’s own mischievous, entirely spoilt and immunity-guaranteed, enfant terrible Israel. And there’s a sickening state of irony in all this that while the famine, starvation and horrific deaths rage on in the Horn of Africa and most noticeably in Somalia that the United States is spending millions of dollars which it can ill-afford routinely bombing the people in Somalia with very sophisticated, state-of-the-art missiles that are devastatingly delivered by unmanned, US presidentially authorized and CIA operated drones. Also, just as offensively the United States and the rest of NATO between them are spending more on bombing Libya in a single week alone than it would literally take to properly fix long-term the accumulative conditions which give rise to and the destructive consequences that automatically stem from the calamitous catastrophe that envelop and plague the entire Horn of Africa.

Furthermore, if there was a genuine desire to do anything positive and concrete about what is happening in the Horn of Africa it would take just a mere fraction of the energy and logistics that NATO regularly employs in bombing fictitious command and control installations as this organization deceitfully claims these premeditated civilian residential targets to be in its crass and continuing campaign of expectantly and successfully terrorizing the great majority of the Libyan people and specifically Colonel Gaddafi’s most s enthusiastic supporters into abjectly submitting to NATO’s will, in a country of only five million people, with Libya’s significant military infrastructure already massively decimated by NATO’s bombings, and this after five months of that organization using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut tactics in a desperate bid on its part not only to not lose face in a war it’s clearly closing and hopelessly running out of options to prevent it doing so after its foolhardy but belligerent and unwarranted involvement as well as its taking sides in a dubiously engineered, Libyan civil war.

The immediate, post Second World War airlift of Berlin was less warranted, bearing in mind the innumerable atrocities, widespread devastation and the universal human rights violations which Berliners and the rest of their multitudinous Nazi, Germanic, kith and kin Europe-wide had contemptibly caused with their global ramifications then and which are still ongoing and reverberating in the 21st Century some eight decades later, particularly in the contentious case of the establishment of the state of Israel, the displacement of and systematic genocide of the Palestinian people by it, and which amount to much more than anything that those opponents of the west that are operating in the Horn of Africa, and who given the hideously unjust state of affairs they’ve been insidiously saddled with can logically criticize them for what they’ve genuinely done or are presently embarked on doing, are quite dishonestly being used as lame excuses for NATO and especially the United States for not mounting a similar concerted and logistical airlift as the Berlin one to help the starving and dying people of East Africa.

Race of course is a crucial element of this decidedly racist equation: we all know from bitter experience that the lives and general welfare of white Caucasian Europeans are individually and collectively worth substantially more than those of everyone else, especially when seen from a white viewpoint; and the creators, contributors to, as well as the controllers of NATO are indubitably white, or as in the case of Turkey whose fortuitous membership of this body goes back to the days of the Cold War and Turkey expediently having a land border with the Soviet Union but were this not the case and Turkey today had sought membership of NATO its application would as with that of the EU be similarly and flatly rejected, none the less has an entrenched white mindset that readily and wholeheartedly buys into the Caucasian outlook and narrative of the world generally and the Southern Hemisphere in particular.

So if it was completely practicable in the immediate aftermath of a highly dangerous, from a plethora of perspectives, world war and against the backdrop of the implacable hostility to it from the mighty Soviet Union to successfully nevertheless carry out a humanitarian airlift of East Berlin deep with what was de facto Soviet occupied territory, where’s the correlation, I ask you, either between the then Soviet Union and the so-called al-Qaida fighters of Somalia or anything remotely worse on the part of the latter which would honestly render a concerted western humanitarian East African airlift generally or one specifically mounted by NATO in particular more risky or impractical than the East Berlin one? The honest truth is there are no such impediments! And besides who was it that created al-Qaida in the first place? Please, no convenient memory lapses on that one as it ill-becomes all you western apologists to jump on that particular platform.

The unvarnished truth is that the west has no real interest in the Horn of Africa or its people other than sadistically playing out its self-indulgent, asinine, geo-political and hegemonistic aspirations there as well as using the region as a convenient missile and armaments range to test and calibrate its latest, state of the art, high tech toys. And it’s a position that ideally it appears suits and serves the aid industrial complex of the western NGOs exceptionally well, and is unfortunately analogous to an unprincipled glazer complicitly joining forces furtively with a bunch of vicious, feral, skinhead thugs for them to go around smashing the windows, community-wide, of vulnerable members of and businesses within that said community and when the damage is done for the glazer or his representatives to shortly afterwards approach the hapless victims of this mindless thuggery to hypocritically offer them their succour and sympathy, then Good Samaritan like offer as well to help them but at a price, conveniently neglecting to tell these poor sods how they arrived at the invidious positions which they’ve found themselves in, in the first place.

And for Barack Obama to on the one hand be cold-heartedly and imperiously be authorizing unmanned US drones to murder and mutilate Somali children in combination with him also personally prohibiting US aid from reaching Somalia and United States agencies in anyway from assisting others to deliver their own humanitarian assistance to that country on the very spurious pretext that such aid might fall into the hands of Somali elements of al-Qaida, while on the other hand to allow himself to be television-filmed writing letters of condolences and sympathy to and publicly encouraging his two young daughters to do the same in respect of the shocking aftermath of genuine but extreme rightwing, white Caucasian terrorism that he like all those in his administration, the US Congress, the United States most senior judiciary and that country’s media and opinion shapers resolutely refuse to countenance as terrorism specifically because it’s white instigated and implemented, simply makes me want to puke.

Notwithstanding all that, Barack Obama and those who subscribe to and implacably share his white Caucasian narrative mindset omit to reference that the territorial