Express Entry Eligible Occupation List for – 2015

Canada is one such destination in present time which is offering great career opportunities to candidates not only from Canada but also from various overseas countries. There is rapid increase in the number of immigrants   to Canada from every corner of the globe. If you are a skilled professional then there is high chance of getting immigration Visa to Canada as these days Canada as a nation is welcoming skilled professionals in large number to become their resident and pursue a career in the Canada economy. Express Entry Eligible Occupation List for – 2015 got introduced very recently by the government of Canada.

The eligibility of a candidate gets judged based on various parameters and the major among them are:

  • Skill of candidate in French or English language
  • Educational qualification
  • Professional experience

From the month of January 2015 a very new system  got introduced which will be used for managing the candidates having required experience and qualification who are interested towards making  application for immigration Visa to Canada. This system is named as Express entry.

In this system the candidate needs to go for filling of an online application where they need to put the information regarding their score in language test, educational qualification with in detail info as well as all required information about the experience they are having in the particular field in which they are expecting to get a job proposal from any Canadian company. In this system there is no need to pay any sort of fee for filling up of the application of express entry online.

Depending on the data inserted in the application form ranking of the candidates is done for a given pool in which other application of eligible candidates is there. Invitation will be send to the top rankers for making application for the permanent residency of Canada. Candidates who will get the invitation from the concerned department will stand eligible to go for making application for permanent residency in this nation.

In express entry system all completed applications will get processed within a time span of no more than 6 months’ time. Candidates willing to get permanent residency of Canada can make use of express entry in the following cases:

  • Based on the program for skilled federal workers
  • Based on the program for skilled federal trades
  • Based on experience class of Canada
  • Being a provincial nominee

Searching on the web will provide in detail information and list of Express Entry Eligible Occupation List for – 2015. Candidates can go through the list of occupations for which there is requirement in Canada and if the candidates consider them as fit for this profile then they can go ahead for filling the application of express entry. Canada as a nation is all prepared to welcome skilled candidate to their nation as they know that such candidates can help in developing the economy of the nation well.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a career option in Canada then in that case it is important on your part to go through the eligibility criteria and the career opportunities presently available in Canada.