EEOC Regulation Compliance


A growing issue facing employers of all sizes these days is Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulation compliance during the recruiting and hiring process. A problem not limited to large corporations or federal contracts, hiring discrimination is a major issue. In fact, in 2009, the EEOC received over 95,000 complaints citing job bias in the private sector. Charges based on religion, disability even national origin illustrate the importance of using job recruitment software with compliance features built in to ensure that your business doesn’t end up spending time and money it doesn‘t have.  

Companies who choose not to take advantage of these tools face risks. Remember, ignorance is not a defense to the law and bad hiring practices can significantly damage a businesses reputation or worse, lead to costly litigation over wrongful discrimination. Make certain to protect your business by securing job recruitment software that helps you maintain EEOC regulation compliance. 

Using Job Recruitment Software: How it Works 

Most job recruitment software programs come with built in features for ensuring OFCCP and EEOC regulation compliance. Compliance tools ensure that the right information gets collected, stored and tracked. Software is generally easy to integrate into your day-to-day business operations and is user-friendly. Typically, there is little to no customization necessary, and minimal training, if any at all.  

To ensure EEOC regulation compliance, your company should be storing, tracking and analyzing hiring information with job recruitment software that can handle large amounts of data. Basically, there are four main tasks that your software should be able to handle: identify EEO information for every potential employee, capture reasons for non selection, analyze information in real time and create reports to be used for ensuring EEOC regulation compliance.  

In addition, minimum qualification questions and other tools help recruiters properly manage all of the important information. EEOC regulation compliance tools make the hiring process seamless, with critical information immediately available if need be.  Features like these make data collection easy for  human resources and recruiting departments, giving them more flexibility in terms of data management.  

The Impact of Social Media  

Many employers are using social media to gather information on potential employees, considering things like personal habits, likes and dislikes and general behavior as insight into employee behavior. In many cases, decisions regarding hiring are sometimes based on these perceptions. This is dangerous territory for employers, as personal information like pregnancy, the health of a child, etc. can negatively influence hiring decisions. While there are currently no regulations concerning the use of social media as a tool for hiring, it won’t be long before EEOC regulation compliance requires social media be excluded from consideration.  

Your business is important enough to protect. Even for a small company, tracking hiring information through job recruitment software has never been easier. These tools will help your company maintain EEOC regulation compliance, ensuring that you do not mistakenly exercise wrongful discrimination and face litigation.  Additionally, the right software program will provide you with the appropriate reports and logs necessary to ensure compliance.