Common Attorney Answering Service Myths Debunked

Most people have a misconception about lawyer answering services, and it stopped law firms from using out-of-house services like this to field calls and intakes. What if we told you that not all myths about it are true? If you want to know more about attorney answering services, you can visit

Here are some of the attorney answering service myths debunked.

Myth 1: All call centers have the same protocols

The misconceptions about call centers having the same protocols are not real. An attorney answering services is a call center tailored specifically for law firms. And the service can do more than take calls or messages. A top-of-the-line lawyer answering service will ask the right questions, deliver total intakes, organize your clients and sign them to your law firm.

All of this can be done on the client’s first call. The primary purpose of the service is to take all the administrative workload off the lawyer’s shoulder and allow them to do what they are best – defend clients and practice law. Lawyer answering services are intended to help lawyers and their firms achieve success by getting more potential leads and turning them into paying customers. Not all call centers have these experiences, that’s why they are not all the same.

Myth 2: All call centers are outsourced outside the United States

While it is true that most companies in every industry, including the legal sector, are outsourcing all their calls outside the United States, there are still calls centers that are strictly for American soil only. It is not a secret that legal clients want to talk to customer service without any language barriers.

Why risk dealing with mitigation problems? Outsourced calls can leave your law firm open to any legal risks since they are not under any United States laws. A lot of law firms are afraid of outsourcing their calls and intake efforts because it will damage their firm’s reputation. Hiring a U.S-based call center can solve this problem. And if you are asking if these onshore call centers still exist, the answer is yes, they are pretty much alive and still kicking.

Myth 3: Lack of proper education

If you ever find the right lawyer answering service that is tailored for law firms, there is no reason for you to conduct additional training. An excellent attorney answering service trains their call intake specialists in empathy, psychology and of course, legal terminologies. Training does not stop, and it is frequent, continual and robust to make sure that your clients, as well as potential clients, are always taken care of, and your firm’s reputation will be protected.

Myth 4: An attorney answering service does not offer a personalized experience

Personalization is very rampant in today’s world. It is how you can build a client’s trust as well as establish good relationships. Many potential clients, as well as law firms, fear that if they allow a call center to take their calls and intakes will ruin the experience for them. But actually, it is the other way around.

Partnering with a good lawyer answering service that is intended to take calls for law firms, means that your clients will be the main priority every time they call. The phone calls and intake specialist will know how to cater your calls according to the requested customized script, and the service’s focus will be on taking care of your leads, turning them into paying clients and taking care of your current clients.

When a call comes into your law firm, it is possible that whoever will pick up the call, might be too busy to cater to them and give their full attention to the call. Worst-case scenario, the call will not even be picked up. An attorney answering service was made to answer all calls for your law firm. To know more about law firms, click here.

They give them a lot of time as well as room to create a relationship and experience to the caller or should I say, a future client. All myths aside, an attorney answering service can help your law firm succeed as well as give your lawyers extra time and energy to focus their attention to their clients instead of wasting time answering calls and queries.

There are call centers that are solely based in the united states that offer lawyer answering services. All you need to do is believe the system and let them to their work.