China’s Car Industry

Cars, on behalf of a country’s level of modernization in automotive technology, each brand’s cars are the crystallization of high-tech. Since the 20th century, 80 years to achieve a strategic shift in China’s automobile industry, China’s car industry has been groping a road of development suited to national conditions.

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In the new century, facing the accession to WTO, China’s car industry will be what kind of situation arise? At present, China Society of Automotive Engineers, chairman of Societe Generale of Zhang’s car market is currently conducted in-depth analysis.

“Three three small” pattern no longer exists

China’s development of car industry to go through the introduction of advanced technology, joint ventures, the road, this is a shortcut. By taking this path, shortening the gap between the world car industry, has won progress of development.

January 15, 1984, China’s first joint venture car – Beijing Jeep Corporation was established, producing the United States, Cherokee jeep; October 10 the same year, Sino-German joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. in Beijing, signed an agreement the two sides share capital of each 50%, production medium Santana, and now the size reached 30 million units.

July 22, 1985, Sino-French joint venture Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company in China registered Business Administration

. November 20, 1991, FAW-Volkswagen joint venture with FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. 1, annual production capacity of 150,000 ordinary level of Jetta sedan base; the same year, December 19, two French Citroen Automobile Co Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company signed an agreement to establish plans to produce general-level type ZX Fukang sedans 150,000. This five foreign marriage coupled with the introduction of Japanese technology company wholly-owned enterprises in Tianjin Xiali, constitutes a “three major and three small” sedan layout.

10 years have passed, and now Guangzhou Peugeot has been reorganized as Guangzhou Honda, Production Accord. At the same time a number of new car companies and new products are emerging. FAW-Volkswagen Audi, ranging from an A6, Shanghai GM Buick kind of “Big Brother”, it does have Chongqing Changan, Guizhou, skylark and other micro-cars that the two micro-enterprises, to the end of last year, 13 companies have been formally approved on the directory. This year also launched several new businesses to launch their quasi-car products such as: Zhejiang Geely, Chery, Anhui, Nanjing, Ingle and the excellent Nike, Jiangsu Yueda, Qingdao Yizhong so.

These new cars the emergence of enterprises and their products, not only broke the original “three three small, two micro” business arrangement, but also a richer product variety, and the high, medium, normal and low-grade sedan evil. At the same time, not only intermediate Santana, general-level Jetta, Beverly increase in a number of variants, the election loading, but there is also a Passat, Santana 2000 Buick, Red Flag, Audi, Guangzhou Accord and other high-end cars. 100,000 yuan less economic cars except Xiali, Alto, skylark addition, increased their improved and the antelope, Bethlehem, Big Dipper and so on. China’s car production layout of such a change can be said that from the “Romance of Three Kingdoms” to a “relive” This is a good thing or a bad thing, is still unable to make conclusions.

Ordinary car market is fiercely competitive

Ordinary car is defined to mean more than 1 liter displacement below 1.6 liters of cars in China is mainly from 1.3 to 1.6 liters of cars. According to statistics, the national production from 1.3 to 1.6 liters of cars 13 enterprises. From the original “Big Three” date, Jetta, Fukang cars of this grade, old Santana, although the 1.8-liter, mid-level models, the current price has been reduced to Jetta, Beverly, under ordinary sedans also joined the competition in ranks.

At present, China’s largest production capacity of ordinary cars, most varieties, the market is fiercely competitive.

The first Jetta. While the older model Jetta, but after the transformation of FAW, the engine and gearbox are new and good results, the reliability is good, no big problems. In particular, with a five-valve engine Jetta, very competitive. FAW-Volkswagen to choose from a variety are more close to the scale of construction, last year produced more than 90,000 Jetta cars is expected to produce 120,000 this year will be more than happy to run this year, there will be a new car market.

Second, Beverly. Fukang cars more advanced, fuel-efficient, technically in the old model in a leading position, but the market relatively late, are gradually expanding their market share. Beverly vehicle production last year, 5.2 million units sold 54000.

This year is expected to be up to 8 million units, sales of the circumstances, mainly depends on the market. Fukang car engine has 1.4 liters, 1.6 to open two kinds, all EFI, the model species changed drastically. 988 body assembly using bi-fuel taxis, are very popular this year, there will be Picasso car into the market.

Third, Santana. Common type Santana has been reduced to 100,000 yuan a little more price competitive, last year produced more than 150,000 vehicles are still in the future will have a market. In addition to Poussin, the Shanghai Volkswagen Santana 2000 production was built, the Passat model the two plants, with a total production capacity of more than 300,000. In addition to the original engine produce 150,000 units of a 827 engine plant outside, and now built a scale of 270,000 units of the engine plant, producing 1.8 to open the engine, there are two valves and five valves, power, torque increase a.

Fourth, Sail and Xiali 2000o Sail is available on the development of China-based car new car prices, performance and competitive advantage. Xiali 2000 is Toyota’s technological transformation of the new models, old Xiali generation product. The two cars will compete for Jetta and Fukang markets.

In the total amount of over-supply of high-end cars

China in the next five years, the development trend of high-end cars will be the total supply exceeds demand, some brands will no longer be as they are now and Xiao Qiao.

China’s current high-end cars are mainly Santana 2000, Passat. Shanghai Buick, Audi, Hongqi, Guangzhou Honda. Shanghai Volkswagen’s Passat is Volkswagen in Germany on the basis of the company’s products, through the joint design and lengthen the body, is entirely a Chinese model, equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, but also optional diesel engine, low price paddy field in Guangzhou this year, is expected to produce 75000.

Audi A6 is the FAW Volkswagen joint development with the lengthening of the middle-grade sedan, production capacity of 30000, producing more than 15,000 vehicles last year, is currently in short supply. The localization rate of more than 40% car, body, engine manufacture their own engines with 1.8-liter five-valve gasoline engine, 1.8 liter turbo gasoline engine, as well as 24 liters, 26 liters imported engine. Manual gearbox for the self-control, automatic transmission for the imports, the lowest price (1.8 liters) 32.8 million, the highest in more than 40 million users, making it the highest-level sedan, this year may produce 250,000 , marketing and sales optimistic.

With the Red Flag sedan “Century Star”, the product pull the grade, the market lacking a broad prospect, and last year’s production of 15.3 thousand, this year may also be a little more. Red Flag sedan is primarily our own development, China-owned enterprises, production management is good, quality is guaranteed. Domestic motor vehicle equipment 488 cheaper, imported equipment more expensive engine.

Shanghai GM Buick sedan is spent a lot of money, technology, advanced equipment, Ye Hao. Began to market in short supply, last year produced 30000, the market is not tight, and this year will launch a kind of bullet-truck.

Guangzhou Honda five years of production by 3.2 million units in short supply this year, may reach 50000, and markets are easing. In the high-end cars available capacity will exceed market demand, competition will become intense.

In addition, this year there will be DPCA Picasso, FAW Volkswagen will have to run a fun car on the market. The two general-Class on the 1.6-liter engine has 2.0 liters and above million liters of displacement, is intended to move closer to mid-size car, is a quasi-mid-size car, advanced technology, prospects are bright. Will also compete for high-class cars market.

Beijing Jeep Cherokee sport utility vehicle produced by the mountain belongs to cars. However, gas-guzzling large, in urban areas can not play four-wheel drive advantage, not suitable for the Chinese market, has never been the ability to reach 30000. Recently, the joint venture the two sides have decided to raise capital, to extend the joint venture period, producing a larger displacement of the Grand Cherokee, grades high, sales would have been better, but the volume will not be great.

Mini buses, cars will continue to grow economy

Mini bus, economy cars is less than 1 liter displacement of small buses and micro-cars, including the National 9 production of micro-cars and small vans. In the economy car, Tianjin Development Corporation to introduce Japanese technology

Production of 1 liter of displacement of the Xiali, a few years ago has reached an annual output of 100,000, made money doing a taxi. But in recent years due to technological level, assembly level and other reasons, market share shrinking to be a replacement.

Changan Auto Production 47000 last year, output growth in every year though, but the market growth is not. Changan Suzuki Alto and Japanese joint venture to produce cars of antelope, has entered the taxi market in Chongqing, the new taxis are mostly antelope, squeezed Xiali, Beverly, also squeezed Alto, Qinchuan car and made a new product, ALTO longer than 200mm, can hold 1 liter or 0.8 to open engine, ride comfort, molds are doing a good job, and 40000 the size of this year will be put into production competitive. Guizhou Skylark production of very small.

The first mini-van Tianjin Beverly. At that time, Tianjin mini passenger and goods vehicles in first place, is the first mini-car. Later, Chongqing Changan, Jiangxi Changhe, Harbin Hafei, Liuzhou Wuling mini-bus up, etc., and the price is right, sales are good. Now, passengers are carrying out these types of micro-modification and updating. If Changan Star, the Songhua River and Italy, Changhe Big Dipper and so on.

Optimistic about the future trend of mini-car. Production of micro-off last year, more than 40 million vehicles this year will be around 50% of the rate of growth, will reach more than 60 million vehicles next year, up to 80 if 900,000, more than car production. End of this year, micro-cars will form a 1 million capacity in 2005 will reach 180 in case capacity of 2 million. Analysis of the rate of sustained growth of micro-causes; First mini-car cheaper, the lowest less than 3 million, you can sit five people, for the purchasing power of urban residents in China, relatively few paid all taxes, fuel-efficient, economic good; second is to speed up highway construction, the township has a paved road a micro-car will replace the part of the agricultural vehicles to enter the small towns.

The face of an oversupply of capacity and number of brands, WTO after China’s car market situation is not optimistic, at least to 2005 years ago, to be chaotic for some time. The result of competition is the survival of the fittest, of course, the focus of competition is the product market position. While improving product competitiveness ways: First, increase the technology content, improve quality; the second is to reduce the cost; 3 is good service.