Surrogacy – Renting Wombs in India

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In a nation as culturally rich as India, where a man’s heritage is everything, would the idea of bringing up an offspring of a woman of some other caste or religion be tolerated? Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002, where renting of wombs or rather the artificial system for multiplication has been made legal. Not just is India booming industry for couples looking to adopt a tyke within the nations own territory, however it has become an international attraction for couples looking for a surrogate mother from abroad. All this is done at an exceptionally nominal cost, regarding India population and the paucity of income generating techniques. There are agencies and clinics that take care of the legal as well as medical complications that arise. The main issue arises with the fact of getting a passport for the tyke conceived in India becomes an issue, as the kid conceived in India will be an Indian subject: as it is stated in the Indian Constitution.

 Be that as it may, this has prompted a great deal vying by the medical clinics, wanting to get the business for themselves. The blend of legal environment and the cheap surrogates has prompted favorable conditions for international market to look towards India. Recently the indian lawyers forum report has stated why surrogacy should be legal and why it is required to be done. With an authority like the law firms in delhi supporting the surrogacy practice and with recent Supreme Court ruling in India, which is the most elevated court of authority in India whose choice cannot be overruled by any other court. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of surrogacy, in the 2008 Manji case. While this accommodates a safe passage for the general population who are tourists and have quite recently come to India for a surrogate mother to be a carrier to their family’s legacy. In any case, the point remains is India ready for the fact that today individuals will accept a youngster whose mother is structure another religion or another caste. Where at one point professions were settled on the basis of ones conception, can today a couple who cannot consider be ready to take the offspring of another woman who does not belong to their caste or religion. While, the legal circle has a tendency to think otherwise, today natives are no more judged on basis of castes or religions but instead part of one nation, and known as Indians.

 The Constitution of india has reached an end with individuals ready to give more importance to human life: the youngster. Then to age old custom, which did nothing yet segregate. Along these lines, we can safely say that India is becoming a created nation with the vicinity of broad minded individuals ready to take the danger and at the same time bring satisfaction to both sides. The ethical issues remain debatable yet there is undoubtedly what number of issues this one strategy can unravel, to …

Benefits of Arya Samaj Mandir Marriage

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People prefer it to other kind of marriages due to its simple procedure, little expenses and universal legality. If you are against social curse like dowry then you should join hands with Arya Samaj Mandir in eradicating this curse from Indian society as Arya Samaj Mandir has been fighting against dowry with all its efforts from long time back.Arya Samaj strongly protests caste system as this has been creating differences among people and weakening the strength of unity of India. The aim of Arya Samaj is to spread great Vedic Knowledge in every part of the world as the Vedas are the scriptures of all true knowledge.

The family of bridegroom has to spend their whole life in prison. Thus both of the families live their lives in panic and the marriages which should be for the happy families turn to the reasons of sorrow. All the marriages which are conducted at Arya Samaj Mandir are totally prohibited from dowry systems because Arya Samaj is strictly against the dowry system. Marriages that are performed at Arya Samaj Mandir, have limited invitees. Thus We save my selves from many unnecessary hassles like Tents, Band, Halwai, D.J. system, distribution of invitation cards, transportation for people, marketing etc.It also keeps you away from all loiter procedures and flamboyance arrangements like card distribution, a long and awaited bookings for marriage hall or farmhouse, a long listed menu, accessories for decoration, accommodation of guests and marketing and extravagances.

Without true love we cannot become true human beings and if we are not true human beings, our nation will never make progress.Caste system had made the roots of our nation shallow. Arya Samaj Mandir has always opposed the caste system prevailed in the society.Arya Samaj encourages inter-caste marriages in order to alleviate this deep rooted social evil in the society. According to our law child marriage is completely prohibited, which attracts punishment if the law is violated. We save my selves from this social evil like child marriage.

As Arya Samaj is against dowry, marriage is solemnized without any dowry and it liberates lower and middle class people from the burden of dowry. One gets a legal marriage certificate that certify a couple legal husband and wife. Further, marriages conducted in arya samaj mandir are free from noise and too much rush, and is solemnized in peace while incorporating different Vedic rituals and chants.

The certificate of marriage given by Arya Samaj Mandir is absolutely legally valid on the basis of which you are fully declared as Husband and wife. After securing Marriage Certificate, no one can harm you and even challenge your marriage in the court of law. Many people kill the baby girls in the womb because of the fear of their marriage expenses in the future. This has resulted in male-female ratio misbalance.

There is also legislation in place equivalent to Court Marriage Act 1954 that justifies the marriages solemnized in Arya Samaj Mandir. As marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir is solemnized under …

Key Witnesses to Testify in the Carona Corruption Trail

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Key witnesses to testify in the Carona corruption trail


Nov 2, 2008 at 5:30 PM PST

 Former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo and his sister-in-law Erica Lynne Hill and controversial attorney Joseph Cavallo, who defended Gregory Haidl against sexual-assault charges, and was also indicted by the Orange County grand jury on conspiracy charges involving a scheme referring clients to bail bondsmen.

All three are expected to be called as explosive witnesses this week in the former Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona’s corruption trail being heard at the Federal District Court in the Ronald Reagan Federal building in downtown Santa Ana California.  Jaramillo a one-time close friend of Carona, has pleaded guilty in the case. In the plea, Jaramillo admitted that he had collected cash and gifts worth about $45,000 and had filed false income tax returns concealing the income.

The former assistant sheriff secretly pleaded guilty in March to federal tax evasion and mail fraud, and agreed to cooperate in a growing federal investigation of corruption in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, according to the plea agreement.

Jaramillo, who was once promised by Carona to be the front-runner as the sheriff would resign for another post would help Jaramillo to succeed Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona. But has since agreed to cooperate fully with investigations underway by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the IRS, according to the deal he signed in March.

Federal investigators said “were asking questions about Carona’s activities since he was elected sheriff.” Investigators asked Jaramillo specifically about “gifts and monies” Carona had received.

Jaramillo and prosecutors reached the plea agreement some time ago. It was sealed while investigators continued to pursue the case against Carona but was made public at his arraignment.

Jaramillo and his sister-in-law were arrested for alleged fraud, misappropriation of government funds and felony conflicts of interest. Both appeared before Orange County Superior Court Judge Marc Kelly for their arraignments.

Jaramillo, 44, was charged with six felony counts of misappropriating government funds and four misdemeanor counts of conflicts of interest, while Hill, 33, faced three felony counts for misappropriating government funds. Hill and Jaramillo had pleaded not guilty to all charges. Later both cut deals with the state and the U.S. Attorneys office and Jaramillo plead guilty in state court. Hill along with Jaramillo testified before an Orange County Grand Jury.    

Following Hills grand jury testimony and the DA’s decision to drop the charges against her, Hill thought it was over and that what she said would be sealed and she could get on with her life. Then more news reports come out, and the spotlight was back on her. Hill complained, “I didn’t ask for this. I want it to go away, but I’m very tired of being kicked around.” The testimony that Hill gave to the grand jury is expected to come up at the current trail where defense lawyers will grill her and are expected to challenge her and Jaramillo creditability.

Hill told the grand …

The Law of Attraction Master

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In the movie “The Secret”, there are many Law of Attraction experts. However, I get asked this question all the time: “Who is the Law of Attraction Master”? Out of all those mentors, who seems to be the absolute best? Since we judge athletes, movie stars and professionals from all other aspects of life, I think it is fair to bring the question of who is the Law of Attraction master.

My vote goes to Bob Proctor.

The man is in his seventies, and he looks like he has enough energy to run a marathon.

Bob is the Law of Attraction master for three reasons in my mind: 1. Incredible results he has created through his wide array of coaching programs. 2. Other Law of Attraction mentors actually learned from Bob Proctor, and 3. He projects himself unlike anybody I’ve ever seen.

Bob Proctor has been turning ordinary people just like you into millionaires like it’s going out of style. There is no other single success coach, which can say this. Not all of the mentors can take an ordinary person and turn them into a millionaire. Bob GUARANTEES this. This makes him a Law of Attraction master.

The next thing that makes Bob a Law of Attraction master is the fact that many of the other Law of Attraction mentors were taught by Bob Proctor. If a man can teach other human beings the Law of Attraction to such an effective extent that they can call themselves experts at it, then the man is doing something right.

Finally, and most importantly, the way Bob Proctor projects himself makes him stand far apart from the rest of the Pack. If you’ve watched the movie The Secret, or any of his videos on Youtube, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The man gives you a vibe that he can create absolutely anything, at any moment, using the power of his mind. His confidence is outrageous. “If you see it in here, you’ll hold it in here”. “It works every time, for every single person”. Those are my favorite quotes by Bob Proctor. In my opinion, nobody expresses the Law of Attraction more confidently then the way Bob does as exemplified with these two quotes. In my opinion, this makes Bob Proctor a Law of Attraction Master.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the other Law of Attraction experts are bad, or don’t have the ability to create. They most certainly do. However, for interest’s sake, who is the best one? To me, the answer is Bob Proctor. His results with students is phenomenal, he has coached other Law of Attraction experts, and has the most confident vibe out of anyone I have seen. To me, this is why Bob Proctor is the Law of Attraction master.…

Zadroga claim provides extreme physical and mental comfort to 9/11 victims

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The 9/11 terrorist attack left the entire world in a state of shock. Thousands of innocent people had lost their lives and had fallen prey to the inhuman terrorist attack. Thus, to help the sufferers of 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, the Government of United States issued the Zadroga claim

The Zadroga claim is available to a wide range of victims that have either lost their family members or have been severely affected with grave injuries in the occurrence of September 9, 2001 terrorist attack.

Zadroga claim provides excellent health care facilities that the sufferer may not be able to afford, as a result of being critically unwell. Not only this, the Zadroga claim also provides financial assistance to the victims, which would help them to reduce the medical burden thus caused.

The sufferer can hire an experienced and talented Zadroga lawyer, who would help the victim in registering the Zadroga claim with the court of law. The Zadroga lawyer would investigate about the required information such as the particular company the claimant was working and also the doctor who is connected with him because of the matter involved. With the existence of Zadroga claim, the sufferers have been able to ring the bells of the court for vital claim. However, the court follows certain rules and regulations for giving claim to well deserved victims.

People file court cases for various reasons; some file it to get rightful compensation while others file it to get the right over the assets and many other things. The Zadroga claim are specially filed in the court of law against the employers who do not alert their workers about the harmful toxic element called Asbestosis. People who are dependent on the Zadroga claim and are asking for the compensation are mostly cleanup workers, emergency workers, police personnel, firefighters and all other ground zero workers who were helping during the 9/11 attack. Besides them, the residents of the World Trade Centre are, people working in and around the attack site, students studying in the locality are also eligible for the Zadroga claim.

All these victims are suffering from several life-taking health conditions such as Upper or Lower Airway disease, Acid Reflux disease, Obstructive Airway diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); or Obstructive Lung Defects such as Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS), occupational asthma (WTC Cough), Sarcoidosis, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Cancer.

The victims should appoint a Zadroga lawyer, who works on the principle of “no win, no fee” which means that the lawyer would charge the victim only if he wins the case and the lawyer would not ask for the payment if he loses the Zadroga claim.

Thus, with the aid of Zadroga claim the employees can file for ceaseless disability benefits. The Zadroga claim would help the victims battle with their health problems that they are suffering from due to the terrorizing attack on the World Trade Centre.

The commendable feature about the Zadroga claim is that if …

Inconvenient truths and lunatic 2083 fallacies

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By Stanley Collymore

 On Saturday 23 July 2011 the day after the terrorist outrage in Norway the British tabloid newspaper the Sun carried as its banner headline: “Norway’s 9/11” then without a shred of evidence to support its grotesque allegations went on to categorically assert that this act of terrorism was Muslim-related, tied to al-Qaida and linked to Colonel Gaddafi’s loathsome regime in Libya. The biggest selling daily in the UK because regrettably its feeds off smut and mindless propaganda, the sort of thing that unfortunately many Brits insatiably lap up, the agenda of the Sun newspaper, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International that’s currently deeply embroiled in the phone hacking scandal in the UK, hasn’t, it seems, learnt anything from the universally condemned, reprehensible conduct of its now defunct sister newspaper the News of the World, its own unanswered similar, vile behaviour in the same contemptible imbroglio or that of its parent companies News International and News Corp.

But don’t for a minute run away with the mistaken notion that the Sun alone was at fault in deliberately, dishonestly, xenophobically, Islamophobically and in racially-motivated terms mischievously pointing the finger of blame at Muslims for what had taken place in Norway.. By no means was this the case. In fact, all the western media, print as well as the electronic, instantaneously jumped on board the same expedient bandwagon and in the most demonized, completely vicious and comprehensively racist terms imaginable denounced the murderous events in Norway as undeniably the barbaric acts of terrorists and the perpetrators of them as none other than Muslims. And while it’s perfectly allowable and even marginally legitimate, although somewhat misguided, to candidly offer up one’s speculation as a likely possibility for something that has happened even in cases like this one, it’s neither moral nor lawful to do so using one’s unsubstantiated suppositions as cast iron facts to mask one’s prejudices or wilfully create mischief.

This however is precisely what the BBC did; and I’m singling it out and taking it to task here because it’s a public broadcasting corporation which every citizen and resident in the United Kingdom who owns a TV set or recording equipment, whether that person watches or listens to the BBC or not and increasingly because of the entrenched Zionist stance and exceedingly biased propagandistic drivel that the BBC increasingly and perniciously pumps out aren’t any longer doing so, must obligatorily fund through the statutorily enshrined by parliament, BBC licence fee with the unpleasant alternative for those who dissent of a very hefty court fine and immediate imprisonment if they don’t follow suit and do what the majority of the populace is coerced into coughing up for the BBC’s gross mismanagement. In actual fact the BBC is the only broadcaster in the entire United Kingdom which is legally accorded this privilege and as such one would logically have expected that it would endeavour to reflect the diverse views in a balanced, objective …

CIA Jobs – Working like James Bond

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We oftentimes see in James Bond movies that he is a CIA agent of America. However, less information about its being a possible option for seeking employment. Many assume that it’s all thrills and adventures. Aside from traditional spying games, the American CIA has other job descriptions that maybe, no spy agency has. You should know these before you consider applying in the CIA.

The first Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian agency of the United States government, reporting to the Director of National Intelligence. It is responsible for providing national security intelligence assessment to the United States policymakers. The CIA also engages in covert activities at the request of the President of the United States. It is the replacement of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) formed during World War II.

The National Security act of 1947 established the CIA, affording it “no police or law enforcement functions, either at home or abroad”. When American business interests abroad are threatened by democratically-elected leaders who intend to:

? conduct land reform
? redistribute wealth
? nationalize foreign-owned industries

it is the role of the CIA to mobilize the opposition on behalf of American businesses. They hire, train and work with right-wing government.

The United States has carried on intelligence gathering operations since the time of George Washington but there was no organized effort until President Franklin. Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services in1942. Their purpose was to collect and analyze data from foreign nations and relay these findings back to key Executive Branch personnel. It was dismantled in 1945. Seeing the need for organized and coordinated intelligence efforts, President Harry S. Truman ordered the formation of the CIA in 1946.

For now, the agency seeks to hire those with strong desire to serve the nation with honor and integrity. Candidates must posses a bachelor’s degree with minimum grade point average of 3.0 and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. An extensive background check is performed and the prospect must undergo-in-depth medical and psychological testings. They require applicants be 25 to 35 years of age but will waive this requirement under certain circumstances.

Understand what is invited in a CIA career before seeking to join the CIA. The majority of CIA employees work in analytical positions, language positions and science, engineering as well as technology positions. Matching your skills and aptitude to what you’re best suited for may not see you working in the clandestine (where the spies are located) service positions at all so be ready for this possibility. In addition, be prepared to become part of a “family” when you join in the CIA, with expectation to uphold deep loyalty to others.

Some reminders if you want to join in the CIA

? You should have no criminal record.
? You don’t take illegal drugs.
? You don’t gamble.
? You should have a good track record. …

AAA Attorney referral service discusses your Rights if arrested

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If You Are Arrested in Fort lauderdale or any place in Florida

The information below is not legal advice. Be sure to contact a local criminal defense attorney or attorney referral service  to be referred to a croiminal defense attorney in your area.

If you are a law-abiding citizen, your chances of being arrested are slight. It is important, though, that you know “Your Rights If Arrested.” An informed and alert  individual is the best guarantee that your rights will be upheld during a criminal or DUI arrest.

The basic rights of a citizen under arrest are stated in the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments of the “Bill of Rights” of the United States Constitution.

— “No person . . . shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law . . .” (Fifth Amendment).

— “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury . . . and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor; and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.” (Sixth Amendment).

— “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor shall cruel and unusual punishments be inflicted.” (Eighth Amendment).

Since the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, the states have also had to guarantee these rights. This amendment provides: “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States . . .”

Many of the provisions found in the “Bill of Rights” of the U.S. Constitution also appear in the “Bill of Rights” of the Illinois Constitution. The following discussion is based upon both constitutions and upon other laws governing the citizens of this state.

Any law enforcement officer such as a policeman, sheriff, deputy sheriff or state trooper can make a lawful arrest. The arrest may be made with a warrant or, under certain circumstances, without a warrant.

A warrant is an order describing the person to be arrested and the charge made; it is issued by a magistrate or judge upon the complaint of someone. It directs all law enforcement officers of the state or, in some cases, authorizes a private person by name to arrest the person named in the complaint. The arrested person is to be brought before the Court issuing the warrant or, if that is not possible, before the most accessible Court in the same county.

A law enforcement officer must have a warrant for your arrest unless one of the following circumstances exists:

* The law enforcement officer has reasonable ground to believe that a warrant for your arrest has been issued in this state or in another jurisdiction.
* You committed or …

Tennessee DUI Laws: You Don't Have to Actually Be Driving the Car

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In the state of Tennessee, where I am an attorney, one of the essential elements of the DUI law is that the accused must drive, operate, or be in physical control of the vehicle.  The State must prove this element beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict.  These are all different elements that can include a number of situations.  “Operate” is not the same as “drive,” and “physical control” is not the same as “operate.”  In other words, there’s a reason the legislature includes three different elements in the law.  Each serves its own purpose.  Also notice the word “or.”  It’s “drive, operate or be in physical control.”  The state has to prove only one of the three, not all three together.  I’ll discuss each element and give some examples.

“Drive” is pretty obvious.  This means the car is moving along a street or highway under its own power with the accused behind the wheel. 

“Operate” didn’t come along in Tennessee until later on.  For this, the proof must show that the accused set in motion the operative machinery of the vehicle for the purpose of moving it.  Some examples from Tennessee cases include starting the motor and letting it idle in neutral, as well as steering the car as it was being towed for repairs.  In another case, which I think was a stretch, a car with the key in the ignition, turned off and unable to move because of a broken clutch, with the driver sleeping, was enough to convict.

“Physical control” gives the state an even broader net to charge people with DUI.  It really depends on the facts, but Tennessee courts look at the following factors: 1) the location of the driver in relation to the vehicle, 2) the location of the ignition key, 3) whether the motor was running, 4) the driver’s ability to direct the use or non-use of the vehicle, and 5) the extent to which the vehicle itself is capable of being operated or moved under its own power or otherwise.  Basically, if the facts show that the vehicle was capable of being immediately placed in motion to become a menace to the public and its driver, the driver will be facing a DUI conviction.  These are the situations where a person could be asleep in the car after too much to drink, with the keys in their pocket, and get charged.  Intent is not a factor.  It doesn’t matter if the driver had no intention of driving the car.  DUI is a strict liability crime, meaning the accused’s intent is irrelevant.  All that matters is that they did the act.

Because of such a low threshold, in addition to the stiff penalties for even a first offense, it is important that an individual charged with DUI in Tennessee have their case properly reviewed by an experienced Memphis DUI attorney.  There may be a number of ways to challenge the case on factual, procedural or legal grounds.…

Personal Injury Lawyer helps People Hurt

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The Compensation rendered for accidents basically encompasses recovery of the medical expenses of an injured person. Nonetheless, any accident victim generally will have many things to lose also. Generally, this may comprise losing remuneration from businesses or employment, and this income they would have generally earned in the recuperating period.  A skilled and experienced lawyer will grab whatever it takes to compensate these expenses.

A major benefit for the accident victim is that generally in this type of cases, there will be no such direct expenses which should be paid. Generally, a lawyer doesn’t charge for any services catered, they will realize the fee when the compensation is provided to their client. It may be a fixed amount out of the total money, or in some situations, may be a specific percentage. If the lawyer doesn’t win the case, they will get absolutely nothing.

 The personal injury attorney manages various aspects of the cases. They usually comprise damages related to vehicles or motorcycles or may be accidents while walking down the pedestrians. Nonetheless, in most situations the damages are usually related with work related situations. There are various people injured during their job hours every year, specifically in vocations which are prone to accidents such as construction and similar type of industries.

Most accident lawyers have a considerable amount of knowledge about particular laws regarding suffering from any kind of injury. Other circumstances might comprise slipping or falling in public places or may be due to medical problems. The experienced Personal Injury Law Firm Vancouver works with different kinds of cases, and they are experienced professionals that negotiates with the insurance companies. Frequently, they negotiate a settlement out of the courts for a reasonable amount.

  When you have encountered any type of accident, you should first report about it. When the rescue teams will show up you always have to provide them clear and precise information in order to file your report officially. Moreover, if you got any witness, make sure that all the necessary information is duly collected in order to be used later in your favor by the company associated with personal injury law in Vancouver BC.

A second issue whenever you get injured is the receipt of medical facility instantly. It is extremely vital as it will work as a proof in the future. Moreover, your injuries will be documented as a serious issue and also for the medical expenses that need to be incurred. In case of an automobile accident, police reports are considered and also retrieved later on if there are any kinds of lawsuits. Frequently, these types of cases are quite intricate and generally take much time to settle.…