Blood of Christ Can Wipe Away All the Sins

Repent and turn to god in Acts 26:20 are not two separate things but are considered one. A person cannot repent and then turn towards lord in faith. But he should turn towards lord by faith and tell god to forgive his sins as a sign of repentance. When a man realizes his guilt and goes against god’s law that makes him to call lord for forgiving him of his sins. Repent is also defined as to change one’s mind. Repentance begins when a person’s sin is corrupting his life and he is offensive to god.

….the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious blood of Christ.

Biblical references to “repentance”

Acts 3:19 – repent and be converted, that your sins might be wiped away
Acts 17:30 – god is declaring to men that all everyone should repent”
Acts 26:20- repent and turn to god, performing deeds appropriate to repentance
Acts 5:31 – to grant repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins

Repent means a change of mind, a change of attitude. It also means that a change from not trusting god to trusting god. It also means a change from not believing god to believing god. If you find a church and pray there, god will definitely forgive you for all the sins.A belief in god destroys the love of sin. If a person has faith then his heart is purified because this enables one to choose as what is right and what is wrong. The sin is not destroyed until a person repents. God says does not lie but you lie then you have broken his law and sinned. He tells not to cheat, not to lie etc. all these things are considered as sin. The Old Testament contains the law of god. If the law of the lord is not kept it is considered a sin. Jesus came on earth to take our place and die for our sins. He took the judgment upon him. He who trusts what god did on the cross his sins will be removed. He will be saved from god’s future judgment. 

Meaning of faith means accepting god’s will over our own will. The other words to consider for the word faith is trust, reliance, loyalty, commitment, dedication, conviction.

The blood of Christ was sacred blood because it was a blood of the perfect man. Christ alone was a perfect god and perfect man. The blood of Christ is sinless blood. His blood is like a lamb without spot. All other human blood is not pure because of Adam’s fall. But the blood of the lord did not contain any sinful corruption. The blood of Christ is sacrificial blood. The blood was shed once for all. The blood of Jesus was sufficient blood. His blood was shed once for all. Christ’s blood is a shielding blood. Lord saves us completely from the insinuations and accusations of the arch enemy the devil. People who want freedom from sin can be rescued only from the blood of jesus. The blood of Christ means everything to the believers.