Being Pleasant And Always Smiling

Being Pleasant And Always smiling

      Being pleasant and always smiling is the most sacred quality of life,which enhances our personality and keeps us fresh through out the day inspite of heavy burden of works.In today’s work the working environment has become very hectic.we find many shadowy and gloomy faces in any line of work.So this aspect of life should be practised by each of us.We can influence the people by always remaining happy and giving them a smiling face.No body will give us any thing if we show them our shadowy and gloomy face after doing a hectic task.By being happy we can impart happiness to others.By becoming shadowy and gloomy we can not keep good family relationship and we will develop a distorted personality,which will affect our physical health and more over we will adopt many bad tendencies,which ultimately will bring us and to our family much agony.So inspite of trials and tribulations of life we should be always happy and feel pleasant and give a smiling face to every body.

Happiness-We should be happy always.Our duty is to work and not to expect instant results.Results will come by it’s own accord.We should not break our head by worrying about the outcome.If our deeds and works are perfect,then it is sure that we will get a good out come.Our duty is to put the chemicals together,the result will come by it self.We should entertain fewer and genuine desires in our life and wipe out the baseless impressions from our mind.It will help us to remain happy always and feel plesant and there by always in a state of smiling while dealing with people.To remain happy is the most vital aspect of life for a successful living.

Personality development-Being pleasant and always smiling gives us a charming personality and we develop the powers to attract people in to our mental institution.People will give us importance and we will achive success very easily.This is important in families,organisations and in any line of work,If we are serious for our success.This should be practised daily before joiniing our duty.By remaining in a plesant mood we can perform our duty in a relaxed manner and the quantity and the quality of our work will improve to a maximum extent.

The inner resources-By remaining happy we explore more of our inner resources and plan better for execution of a difficult task.We develop an inner flowering,which lasts till our last breath.By becoming shadowy and gllomy the inner resources remain in an dormant state and we are unable to perform a given task well .By remaining happy and smiling we explore many untapped potentialities of our life and become creative and self directed.This also removes dependence and seriousness from our lives,which are the root cause of conflicts.

Smiles are the signs of life-We should be very particular regarding this.More smiles we impart to the society ,more service we will render to the people.Smiles have magnetic effects and people are more attracted to a smiling face.We should remember, how we are being attracted to smiling and happy children in our lives.So we should learn this quality from children and should remain ever in a pleasant mood,so that we can bring out the best within us and there by do our duty perfectly and not only achive the goal of the organisation,but also achive our own dreams and hopes and help our family to a greater extent.

The divine treasure-Being pleasant and always smiling are the divine treasures in our lives.We are born with this qualities.As we grow and mature in life number of desires and needs creep in our mind giving us frustration and sorrows and there by erase all smiles from our lives.Intelligent are those who know how to manage there desires and needs in an intelligent manner so as not to disturb the inborn happinees.Once the happiness and the smiles go,it becomes very difficult to regain them.So from the time the desire enters in to our life we should be very cautious so as not to disturb this inner flowering within ourselves.

The practical aspects-We do feel moments of frustration and concern for our life and children.This is a universal phenomenon.but we should not be shaken by this.Difficulties do come in our lives,but they pass like waters under a bridge.By doing lot of mental excercises and doing regular physical  excercises we can remain always in a happier state.By reading the creative books suitable to us we can derive maximum pleasure from our liesure time,which will help us in our work place.

           So remaining always in a plesant mood and always having a smiling face we can achive many things in life and can grow in every dimensions of life.These are the hidden treasures of our personality as we mature in life and we should bring them out and nurture them with proper watering called meditation and yoga,so that we can keep good public relationship and can excel in any line of work and also we can keep our family and society happy.