Az First Time Home Buyer

Some Things AZ First Time Home Buyers Can Expect

There are some advantages to being an AZ first time home buyer. There are a lot of government programs available to help you pay down payments, get inspections done, and even help with home improvements. Any first time home buyer, whether you live in Arizona, or really any other state should always take advantage of as many programs as possible, especially in these tough economic times.

However there are some things that you need to be aware of when it comes to being an AZ first time home buyer. One of them is that you really have to be aware of scams, because many shady business people come to Arizona, because the laws here are very relaxed when it comes to prosecuting offenders. Beware of property tax scams that ask you for money in order to reduce your property taxes, any you really have to look over any foreclosure contracts, lien holder agreements, any other ways people are trying to take advantage of a first time home owner.

Whether you are an AZ first time home buyer, or a first time home buyer in some other state, you still have to be very careful when it comes to buying a home. One of the things you need to do is take your time, sit down with your spouse and create a checklist of the things that you are looking for in a home. Prioritize, how many bedrooms, and bathrooms do you absolutely need? Should you get a garage, or will a carport be all right? With the weather in Arizona, are you going to need central air conditioning?

Other things to consider when making your checklist are how large a piece of land do you want. Water is scarce here, so you really have to think about whether or not a home with an actual lawn is really practical. An AZ first time home buyer needs to save money wherever possible, and maybe not having a green lawn can be a time and money saving option. There are other things you need to know when you are a first time home buyer as well.

You need to inspect any home you are interested in. A good idea is to have another checklist of things that you need to look for. Make sure all the lights work, that the plumbing works, and there are no discoloration in the water. Check to make sure that all the outlets are in good working order, and there is no funny smells about the house. Check the outside, for cracks along the foundation, odd or misshapen roof tiles, and anything else that just looks off. Whether you are an AZ first time home buyer, or a first time home buyer anywhere else, you also need to hire a professional, unbiased home inspector to come in and inspect as well.

Home inspectors are extremely important for any first time home buyer. They have the skills to determine things about a home that you would never even think of. One of the things they inspect is the electrical workings in the home, starting from where the power comes in. They check electrical boxes, to make sure there are adequate breakers, and that these are properly installed. They check plumbing, not just to make sure all the faucets work, but where the lines come in, and go out, and if there is enough ventilation. They check for mold and mildew, check ceiling rafters, basements, and many other details.