Agricultural Machinery Industrial Opportunities

Agriculture and developed areas, must be developed areas, agricultural mechanization, farm machinery and equipment industry is even more developed regions. However, Heilongjiang save the exception.

Heilongjiang is China’s first granary, and medium-sized farm machinery ownership in the country first, but the development of farm machinery and equipment industry, almost at a standstill. More than 20 years ago, Heilongjiang Province, sales of farm machinery and equipment manufacturing industry nearly 20 billion yuan, the current remains the same, ranking first in the country has dropped to 17th.

Provincial Agricultural Research Institute Di He believed that reform and opening up more than 30 years, Heilongjiang Province, have missed the “little four”, “agricultural vehicle” and “horsepower tractors” and other development opportunities in the three farm machinery and equipment industry, today ushered in the big horsepower tractors, combines power and ancillary equipment for the characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry “modern farm machinery and equipment industries,” the development of the fourth opportunity.

Heilongjiang Province, four non-arrival of a “when the wind”, we use low-cost food to feed someone else’s farm

According to statistics from related departments of Heilongjiang Province, to retain large and medium tractors increased from 127.8 thousand units in 2004 to 44.3 million units in 2008, five years, an increase of 3.47 times. The province to maintain farm machinery and implements increased from 22.2 million units in 2004 to grow to 59 million units in 2008, an increase of 2.65 times the average annual growth of 21.52%.

In recent years, the province’s annual agricultural sales, an increase of 10 billion yuan, 6.63 billion last year, this year is expected to reach 7.5 billion. However, another indicator Querang Heilongjiang were embarrassed last year, agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, main business income of 2.06 billion, accounting for farm machinery and equipment manufacturing industries 1.1% of revenue, accounting for one-third of the province’s agricultural sales, but also means that the province each year there is an outflow of funds Siwushiyi yuan farm purchases, but also means that Heilongjiang with cheap food, to feed someone else’s farm machinery and equipment industry.

Di He said, Heilongjiang back in “25” period on the establishment of a complete farm machinery manufacturing and application system. 80s of last century the province’s agricultural enterprise sales income reached 20 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. However, with the deepening economic reform, Heilongjiang agricultural enterprises in trouble. What is more regrettable is that, Heilongjiang miss the “little four”, “agricultural vehicle” and “horsepower tractors” and the three mentioned upgraded farm machinery and equipment manufacturing opportunities, reduced to a weak provincial agricultural machinery.

By this time, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan and other places, through reform and opening up of the wind, farm machinery and equipment manufacturing industry from scratch, from weak to strong, sweeping farm country agricultural markets. The four provinces account for farm machinery and equipment companies 55% of the total number of agricultural enterprises with sales income accounted for 66% of the national market. , Shandong Agricultural industrial output from the last century 80’s 1 billion yuan start, will grow beyond 300 billion yuan mark last year, the province of Heilongjiang Province, Shandong Agricultural industrial output is less than when the wind (farm) Group output (80 million) for a quarter of the 1.

In accordance with agricultural production for each 1 yuan GDP led 3-7 yuan proportion of Heilongjiang Agricultural equipment industry is not strong, there are more large-scale loss of supporting industries.

“John Deere” “Dong-Jin Group” reveals cutting edge, “the Southern Machine north,” the general trend of

Farm machinery and equipment industry in Heilongjiang, when the Depression, but also a number of “real estate” enterprise full of confidence, “John Deere”, “Dong-Jin Group”, “Harbin Wall” is one representative.

More than 10 years ago, the United States, “John Deere” stationed in Heilongjiang, when its main product — combine sales are very difficult. Today, the same combine harvester sales price from 170,000 yuan each year grow to 27 million, and in short supply. Because, “John Deere” believe, Heilongjiang, sooner or later will become the largest market for combines. Statistics departments also appears to give evidence over the past two years, strong demand for medium-sized harvester, showing rigid growth, in 2007 the demand for 12000 units, 15000 units in 2008, while the actual supply in 2007 to 3,800 units, 2008 Year of 4200 units.

“East Golden Group” A few years ago before entering the farm equipment industry, in addition to financial strength, they know little of the agricultural machinery industry. But the “farm machinery sales great”, so that the enterprise’s annual sales revenue of millions of units of rapid growth, but also so that the “East King Group” speed up business cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known footsteps of agricultural machinery.

Of course, farm machinery and equipment manufacturing “does not give up do not abandon”, and also the provincial Agricultural Research Institute as the representative of the research institutes. The institutions known for research in agricultural implements, in order to allow the rapid transformation of scientific research, have set up a “Harbin Wall” and other hospital is a farm implements manufacturer, is currently only producing more than 10 kinds of agricultural implements, the annual output value reached more than 6000 yuan. This capacity is only about one per cent of the market demand, which means that several hundred million dollars or even billions of dollars of production capacity in the “sleeping.”

-And-coming agricultural enterprises in Heilongjiang, and both are in the province with foreign companies, Foreign companies grafting results.

Di He said that domestic farm machinery manufacturing center in the Northeast there are gradually transferred the main signs of the local market, developed countries, agricultural machinery manufacturers have their sights on moving to China, coupled with the revitalization of northeast old industrial base of national policies, Heilongjiang has been ushered in modern farm machinery and equipment industry development opportunities.

To build modern farm machinery and equipment industry base, not much time left to Heilongjiang, “market-for-factory” no time to waste

To give 100 billion jin of grain production in Heilongjiang Province, matching investment in farm machinery and equipment 17.8 billion, is expected to flow in 2015 the province’s agricultural year will amount to 30 billion yuan. The province’s high-powered tractors and associated farm tools from the current 2000 units (sets) to more than 1 pieces (sets).

A strong agricultural consumer market, naturally attracted many well-known agricultural enterprises. October around the province farm enterprises, “China’s a drag” and the Norwegian Grand Group will be held at Harbin agricultural exhibition, the world’s second-largest farm machinery manufacturer, “Cisco” Our company has a clear-owned factories in the northeast region.

In Heilongjiang industrial development of modern farm machinery and equipment put on the agenda, our neighbors Jiutai in Changchun City, Jilin Province, has Converting a farm machinery and equipment industry base, and then the form of subsidies through the Government launched a base in agricultural machinery sales. Far away from us some of the southern agricultural province, as early as two or three years ago began the development of modern farm machinery and equipment industry.

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